Bubbles Tea Fever

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The bubble tea which originated from Taiwan seems to be mushrooming everywhere recently with different different brands.

And what I find surprising is, every outlet has a very long queue irrespective of the hours of visit.

This is just a drink made up of mostly sugar not even close to healthy drink yet of recent it seems like everyone is having a love affair with it.

Especially the current popular brown sugar drink. Even familymart start selling it.

We have quite a number of different brands here and with many new ones popping up still, and with so many around you would think that the competition is tight and the business would be tougher.

Guess again, see the long queue above this is late at night after a meeting and people still queuing outside. And the long queue below is at almost noon.

And its not cheap either, a normal cup will cost RM10 and above depending on the flavor that you ordered.

Wonder how long will the sugar tea fever last……

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I always liked bubble tea, though it's less common here...so I almost never have one. I never considered its nutrition although it makes sense that it wouldn't be weight-friendly.

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Not healthy but it does taste good as snack haha...

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