If you were a Job? [A page from a book I'm currently writing]

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Recently I've been feeling less and less motivated to write on steemit, mainly because out of 1300 followers my articles end up getting around 5/10 views. And seeing other people getting paid for utterly nothing, wrecks any kind of positive approach.

So, because of that, I decided to start working on a fairly small book and put the majority of my efforts there. Hopefully, once I finish writing it, it will get posted here, but for now, l will be sharing a page or two every now and again here, just so I can keep my overall consistency as a daily blogger.

So here's a page of the book, hope you enjoy reading <3 Every page is its own topic, so I won't tell what the book is about neither give info about it until I finish it. Also not going to give out complete pages.

Page 1

Work is something we all have in common, but not everyone takes in accountant how specific work positions have an overall effect on our future possibilities. Most people stop their development with the overall concept that they “Need To Work”,yet that goes only so much.

This Section will be dedicated and will revolve around the aforementioned. I will try to share some concepts and thoughts regarding the subject of “Finding the best Work Opportunity”. Different people have different lifestyles, so I really hope this will help those in need of some guidance to find the best work choice within themselves.

Personally I’ve always been extremely picky when it comes down to finding the best Job for myself, mainly because I’ve always thought about how a certain job will make me feel and what are the overall benefits of me working it. But that’s me, so I guess that might not be the case for everyone.

Overall, when it boils down to Working, finding a job is something easy, finding a good job is harder, finding a highly paid job is even harder but the hardest would be, finding a job that suits a person’s natural aspirations and gives him an opportunity to naturally want to work. Furthermore in order for that miracle to happen the given individual needs to actually know what these aspirations are. For example, if one is to strive at being an artist, then finding a job related to the practice would be beneficial, hence there wouldn’t be any need of thinking about excess trouble and he wouldn’t need to split his daily routine between two life improvement things. Or in other words, finding that which you wish to do in a job cancels out the whole Working concept and replaces it with one based on “Improvement” of skills and self worth.

So here is where the Title of this chapter comes into play, “If you were a Job”, for example, an Artist, then what Job would you find ?

This would be the easiest question to help one orientate himself towards a naturally Inspiring Job position.

I will give an example with myself, finding such a job was somewhat impossible for me at one given time, heck its still somewhat hard, so I came up with a solution that helped me incorporate what I wanted to do with my Job. And it is quite simple in some cases. I found a job where I could do both things at once.

For example, I wanted to write books and couldn’t find a writing-related job, so I became a Security Guard for a couple of months in order to write and improve my skills. Now, saying that I could barely write proper English back then, that decision really did benefit my overall development a lot. It might have been a of a boring job position and somewhat demoralizing but Hey, I guess if you are reading this it paid out in the end. The point is that the position gave me a lot of free time while I was working to focus on many abstract practices, not only writing in general.

Please note that this is a RAW copy paste, I havent edited anything yet. So please do ignore any typos or flow issues.

Thanks for reading!

I try to keep my content as Original as possible, also I never use up voting automation. If you get an up vote from me, then I love what you do !

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A solar coach, I recycle upvote in solar energy.

Keep it up, Vangelov. I'm not yet creating content, but I'm focusing on commenting, getting to know the community, have a sense of where I'm going. I don't want to start something that I can't keep up with, so I'm "buffering" a bit. Yet I understand you frustration - as a noob I started following random people, only to have them removed at a later time for their constant reposting and clogging of my feed. I guess most people don't really have a clean feed page, and often miss interesting posts.

As far as the book goes, it sounds interesting, and the extract is just fine, but you didn't really tell much about what it's going to be about :P


Thanks for the morale boost <3 Id advice just writing whatever is on your heart. Otherwise its a pain.

I feel the same way that you do and I only have 113 followers. I was hoping direct my writing towards dialogues that I might start but it hasn't quite worked out that way. Well, you know how it's been. It's still early in the game with this platform so things may change.