The pain, the elevation of your soul

in life •  last year

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Each problem that tangled you in your past or that complicate you on the now, it's designed for that you ascend to other awareness level, intelligence and survival. The battles, the setbacks, the sufferings serve for expanding our minds.

It’s no bad.

Of course not, it makes us deepen in ourselves, and it shows us who we really are, what we can endure, overcome and leave behind. The old seers believed that the people who suffered were who received the most and the best blessings.

It expands us.

It opens us to the wonder of life.

To fully experience our passage through the world you’ve to appreciate it’s ups and downs and only then will you know what is to be alive. Actually, pain comes to elevate life to the next level.

To teach us.

While more pain there is in your life, more you open your eyes to the truth, more we know how to live.

We recognize reality.

This I learned from my reading "The Saint, the surfer and the executive", I paraphrased but I wanted to share with you, helped me. I hope that someone else it serve and save your day, just as it served me today.

Happy life.

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