My EPIC DAY (storytelling)👩‍🎓

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Although it started as everything, full of stress and last minute diligence, it was a beautiful day, with a beautiful sun and dear companions around ... ❤

That day I dedicated myself to make up and this was the result. Did you like it?


I spent the day so distressed that I could not eat breakfast or lunch, I just thought about the presentation of my work, I had anxiety and nerves a thousand.

I went over the project several times, in case I forgot something important, I ordered everything I needed to take with time and I checked it over and over again so I would not forget anything.

I was ready to leave an hour before the presentation, but as the law of murphy does not fail my grandfather forgot to look for me.

My presentation was at one o'clock in the afternoon and I went into despair when it was twelve o'clock and I had not left yet.

I had only thirty minutes to get to the university and accommodate everything. Just my grandfather came for me at twelve thirty.

I arrived at the university at the right time, at one in the afternoon, when everything would begin.

I took off my heels to run (thank goodness I have some sandals) and climbed like crazy to the floor of the presentation.

Luckily, the exhibitions had not yet begun, the teachers had fallen behind and my classmates were arranging the classroom.

The rest flowed normally...✌


When I finally had to present and call me I had thousands of sensations, it was my turn!

Inside the room everything flowed, what I said, the answers to the academic authorities, plus the presentation of my tangible contribution, all well exposed and good.

I did not believe how quickly the time had passed when I had already left to wait for the evaluation of my note.

This is when I say that God does not abandon me.

When I entered again the judges found a discrepancy between the note of my business tutor with the quality of my work.

This had been an error of my tutor, luckily previous me this person had given his observations and this was how the judges corraborated that it had been a mistake.

Thanks to this the academic authorities decided to take the wrong note of my business tutor and put me the note that seemed to me had won.

And that's how I managed to get 20 out of my work project


When I left I gave thanks to God, what had happened could have hurt me a lot but it was not like that.

I felt very grateful to be where I was and because all the sacrifice had been worth it.

Overcoming, growth, goals achieved was the feeling, a moment of happiness.

I would have loved to share with all those friends who were on the road but for different reasons left the country ... I wish that from wherever you are you can achieve your dreams ✨

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With love, Vane

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