Challege Healthy 2018! Changing my life #Week1

in life •  11 months ago

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Hello to all of you that are reading my article, thank you for go trough here and interest in my wishes.

To start 2018 on the right foot I decided to get better my life, care my health, care of my good friends, to get better my foods, do more exercises, going to keep positive thoughts, carry out my passion, and other purposes.

For that I decided writing day to day my changes, my progresses and my new attitudes, I want to reflect my history, I share with you and me, waiting that someone wants to lead a better life.

It is not so easy to lead a healthy life, it takes commitment, strength of will and above all to learn to love myself.

Every time I can, I will be showing my achievements or telling what I did on any given day so as not to decay in this new lifestyle. One that will give me great satisfaction if I keep it in time.

You accompany me?

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