"What are we?" vs " What we're doing?" - #Padre

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What are we?

The origins of man has been debated from it's very beginning. We can find 3 main ideas which influenced the world:

  • We are the creation of God
  • We are an evolved monkey
  • We were created by aliens(this is a little bit hilarious but not impossible)

What I want to ask you now is: Did any of this conceptions about our origins helped us as human kind to evolve and be where we are today? 

For millennials, many of our kind were more interested by the past and only a few by the future. Even now more resources, time and people are involved in the topic of the past than the future.

But let's forget this. Imagine that we know for sure our origins. No doubt. Will that affect the way we think and act? You know the answer(no).

Man is defined by his thoughts and actions. Don't you think? Now, my last question for you:

Is more important Who we are or What we're doing?


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Good [email protected] I think our actions reflect our identity. The past is important for learning for the present and the future.