The Most Effective Method To Avoiding A Speeding Ticket

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This is a sample of a series of articles I’m working on. The purpose of these articles is to give “common sense” advice. Common sense is in quotes because after 25 years on the internet I’ve seen posts and questions that really make me wonder if it still exists.
The tone of the articles will be sarcastic, a little belligerent, and sometimes condescending. I’m admitting to that right up front as kind of a heads up to professional outrage merchants that this is being done deliberately and feedback that is basically ad hominem and not productive will be outright ignored. If a thoughtful well presented point is made that makes me question what I have said, not the manner I have said it, then I will consider the feedback and consider it to be a good day for me, anytime someone can get you to think about your position on a subject should be seen as a good thing.
If the article can give a person a bit of knowledge they didn’t have beforehand then I will consider it worth writing.

Example article, How to avoid speeding tickets

"I got another f#@$^ing speeding ticket!" How many times has that phrase been uttered.

The easiest, simplest, and most effective life hack to solve this problem is "Don't frackin speed!"

I've seen a lot of posts on social media about "The f&#*&ing police, gave me a another speeding ticket", or "Damm speed traps" etc. Basically people pissing and moaning about getting "another ticket"(if you've used, or frequently use, the term "another ticket", then you really need to read this).

A few things here. People will be pretty much divided down the middle on this piece of common sense. Some will say "Well duh!!" and others will be "Go slide down a greased pole in a very uncomfortable manner." But, this is almost flawless advice to avoiding getting a ticket and the associated costs with that.

Contrary to some wildly insane beliefs that the police are pulling over or stopping random people and giving them a ticket just for giggles and shits, this just isn't the case. Police need a legally justifiable reason to pull you over. Now, that reason can be anything from a missing licence plate to a traffic enforcement stop (speed trap) or you're cooking chili on the passenger seat using a hot plate (*** Disclaimer*** I DO NOT advocate you cooking meals while driving. Moving on.)

Now, police departments do use enforcement stops, or blitzes to raise public awareness and to ensure local traffic laws are being followed. Drivers that spend a significant amount of time on local streets soon learn where the favorite spots are for the police to set up and drive cautiously through these areas. Why not just drive cautiously at all times?

What if it's an emergency or I'm on my way to the hospital for - insert reason here -. None of that will excuse a person from speeding but if it as an actual matter of life and death, tell the officer that pulled you over to let them know, but be prepared to prove it to them. Police, as with people, vary in attitude and reactions to a situation so they may be helpful or don't care about your situation, be prepared to deal with it.

What to do if you are given a pulled over by a police officer. Top of the list, DON'T ADMIT ANYTHING!! How many of you have been pulled over and the first thing the officer says is "You were going a bit fast back there" "In hurry to be someplace" or, and this is their favorite “Do you know why I pulled you over?” This is used to get you to admit to speeding, which he/she will write down in his notebook for later if needed. If you've pretty much admitted guilt to the transgression it completely closes off any possibility of you disputing the ticket later. Ways to answer these inquiries is, "No, I'm not in a hurry", "I don’t know why I’m being stopped", etc. Anything but admitting you were in some way breaking the law.

Also, be polite. You are already pulled over. Do you want a 5 minute stop to turn into a half hour question period that'll require you to provide a DNA sample and character references from your kindergarten and first grade teacher to allow you to continue? Also, telling the officer "My taxes pay your salary" is pretty much a guarantee to have your vehicle, paperwork, and your Ancestry & Me profile gone through with the forensic thoroughness of a jealous lover searching your phone for a clue of your cheatin' ass.

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