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I decided to try a semi-bloggy thing... This is my week!


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I finally finished the alpha version of the @OriginalWorks bot.


It's still in the very early phase. Lots of crashes, lots of errors. On the upside, it does work! I am going to be updating it over the next few months to clean up the code and improve the algorithm. For the time being is gives a fair amount of false positives but I think I can dwindle that number down significantly. Regardless, I am having a lot of fun working on it.

Lot's happening at the fiction-workshop


I am spending lots of time at the #fiction-workshop. That place is a gold mine for writers and readers alike. @rhondak, with help from some others at the channel has been making huge progress with the SFTLibrary website. You can read more about the SFT here.

I'm really happy with my sci-fi


I have been lucky enough to get some attention in my writing. It feels really nice that people are reading it and enjoying. This is definitely a passion of mine that I will keep hammering at.

If you would like to check it out:
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5

Enjoying the weather

I have spent a few days at the beaches. The weather right now is just amazing. It's important to go outside once in a while!


The @OriginalWorks bot has determined this post to be original and upvoted it.

cool the bot is already working huh. good luck with ur creation

Haha, I kind of got lucky there actually. I have it set to delay mode, so it just happened to catch my article. Pretty awesome that i did though :)

you will go far with this bot. thank you for the efforts. I sent @originalworks some sbd to make him(her?) some steem power

Thanks! Haha, I haven't thought about a gender for the bot yet!

Gender neutral is cool too. Maybe it could be a character that is actually a book or maybe an inking pen that takes on a life of its own.

Nice my friend! Can't wait to see updates about it. Keep up :)

I think it is kind of cool

i like your post

What does the Original Works bot do? Does it detect plagiarism?

Hi @jimitations.

Yes! Well, that is the goal anyways. It already does have an algorithm in place, but a very basic one for the time being.

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terima kasih atas vote kk☺️

Nice post

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