Why Reservations.....?

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Yesterday, I was traveling by city bus.i found an empty seat on the left section. I sat down and began to enjoy cool breeze.
Suddenly, Old lady came . Okay... reserved system doesn't end here, the seat near front door is reserved for old person...oh no!
So much Reservations here.... Why don't I have freedom to seat anywhere I wish.
A person from general category feels ...he is a victim.

But, why this reservation system exist at first place?
Maybe because ..of descrimination existing in our society.
In men dominated public spheres,.women hardly get apportunities. There is always a kind of rush. They don't get their rights heard. Historically they are always dependent ..

Seats are reserved, so they can claim their rights, nobody is authorised to occupy that Seat.
Seats are reserved for old people and differently abled because their Life challenges are more difficult, a reserved seat atleast reduce their physical challenge.

Yeah! You are right, Reservation is not a panacea. It is not the ultimate remedy.
Probably , plying more buses is one solution. We need better options of transportation like metro, mono rails, pods and taxies to decongest buses.
But, yes these things need more investment and time...

Till then I can adjust.
Afterall root of reservation lies in descrimination. Let's work on root and make just, equitable society for all. So, that we can Seat anywhere we want

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