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Rohit was a charming person. One thing he always disliked was to study, but he had big dreams. He always wanted to be a Successful Leader. But, his father was a strict person who wanted son to concentrate on studies and become a professor.

Rohit unwillingly completed higher education. He tried hard to get a job as Professor to fulfill Father’s dream. But, he got no job even after trying for 3 years. One reason was they had no money to pay donation amount in private colleges.

Rohit didn’t lose hope and started part time work as a salesman. This way, He earned little money, but he was a creative and courageous person.

He took loan from Bank to buy couple of cows. He got some profit by selling milk. Meanwhile, he learnt milk processing techniques. Rather than selling milk as commodity, he began to sell milk products like curd, cheese, Paneer, etc. This way his earning rose. He used surplus profit to invest in in poultry and goat form. After working hard for over 2 long years, his agricultural model began to flourish.

Rohit was generous in helping other small farmers. He shared all his ideas with them. Rohit didn’t want to stop here. He had plans to establish a cooperative dairy industry, so that many poor farmers can get income security.


Today morning, Rohit began his daily routine. At 6 AM, he took out bike to visit the farm. On the way, he met with fatal road accident and died on the spot.

Some stories have abrupt end. Such ends are sad and unacceptable to mind. Unfortunately, they are true (..

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