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FEAR is the one thing which grips one and all. It makes us upset and panicked and stops us from going ahead. Interestingly, many of the times, we are afraid for no reasons.
As youngsters, when we should be full of enthusiasm and energy. The fear makes us cowardice and decreases our self-confidence.
Root causes of this problem are
a. Weak body
b. Weak mind
These two weaknesses destroys our personality and true potential.
Today, I was reading about SWAMI VIVEKANANDA and his ideas about life. I found some interesting ways to overcome fear and make myself better. I am sharing these thoughts with you.


  1. Clarity of Thoughts: It is the ability of analyzing our life experiences boldly and impartially.
    How to do it? Firstly, associate yourself with brave and wise people. You must have one of such friends. Just try to spend more time with him/her.
    Secondly, live in atmosphere throbbing with positivity and courage. Associating yourself with an NGO working for unprivileged people can be a one idea
    These things will gradually bring revolution in your mind.
  1. Never give expression: When you express, thoughts become words and words become action.
    Our gesture of fear provokes others to take undue advantage and to bully us. These people falsely make us believe that we are inferior.


  2. Fill mind with powerful Ideas: Always think of boldness, bravery and courage. Here, comes the role of Books. All great Souls in this world have a unique habit of reading books. So, why can’t we? At least read 10 pages a day. You can start with small booklets as well.

  3. Never sit idle: we all know that empty mind is a devil’s workshop. So, whenever you get free time, do something creative and constructive. Like I am writing here on Steemit :)..
    You can also meditate and do prayer to conserve your energy for better purpose.


  4. Give up bad habits: some habits like losing oneself into idle gossip, brooding over weakness, postponing duties and lingering into undecided state of mind, actually drain our energy and damage the personality. We have to say them good bye.

So these are 5 practical ways of overcoming fear. As they say, practice makes a man/woman perfect. Let’s practice these techniques and achieve FREEDOM FROM FEAR!

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