Friend or Foe....Small Story, Big Lesson!

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Once there was a young beautiful bird "piyu". She had a kind of 'happy go lucky' personality. she loved to enjoy every bit and very often used to get detached from her community.

Just before onset of winter, birds flied from northern American states to southern coasts to avoid harsh winter. But, piyu didn't join the flock and kept enjoying.
After arrival of harsh winter, she tried to fly. Unfortunately, she couldn't tolerate harshly falling snow and fell on the ground.
She was shivering. Suddenly, a Cow dropped dung on her. This cover of dung provided her warmth. Now, she again became Happy and began to sing loudly, from right inside the dung.
A Cat, who was passing by the dung heard this sound . She opened the dung and ate the bird.

So, not everyone who throw shit on us is an enemy and not everyone who takes us out from the shit, is a friend 😊
Mind it....

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