Live it before it leaves you

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L- Lessons

I- invincible

F- Fascinating

E- Exploration

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L: This is life all about. We are here in this world, to witness the ups and downs. Life teaches us multiple lessons, such lessons are sometimes hard to comprehend while sometimes they tend to penetrate our soul deep inside and ultimately cause us to be influenced from its impact. The lesson be it conducive or not, have significant impact on our day to day activities, they make us think about the reason of our real existence and provide a path of relief to our sufferings.

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I: Life can be at times invincible to handle. When we are young, we think of life as bed of roses, we don't really understand what the word problem really means, and how much depth does it have in its entirety, we don't feel strong until we are subjected to such situations that are tedious/strenuous. But when life teaches us such lessons, doors of insights open leading towards our soul exploration. Not every single being has got the capacity to see the unprecedented , not every single being of us could really dig inside into his very being, most of us just prefer to find a safe escaping path during the miserable times. But the real zest lies in the sturdy attitude shown during such arduous circumstances.

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F: Yet at the other hand, life can be a source of great fantasy and fascination for people. Happiness doesn't lie inside the bank accounts of an individual. Happiness lies within the soul. If your soul is contented, your are RICH, if you feel good from inside, that is where you will be happy from outside and you will look at life with a positive spectacle , you will come to know that yes, getting everything is not important, rather getting the right things at the right time are important. When you know who you are, when you know what your goals are, when you show gratitude, when you forget about the comments of others, you are contented from inside and that is where life looks fascinating to you.

E: One who is born poor, is not at fault, but one who dies poor, is at the biggest fault.

This phrase can be interpreted in two ways. First is the materialistic meaning, that can simply deduced as " getting worldly objects make you satisfied". Yes money factor can't be ignored in any way. It is true that money is very important, and nowadays money has definitely transcended the emotional feelings and caring attributes of people. Today, people usually neglect emotional feelings and don't exactly know how to treat others, yet they have so much of respect for the materialistic things in their eyes. Money is very essential to live a good life, but money can't buy you happiness. Happiness only comes when you're able to explore yourself in the right manner, when you explore others, when you explore the world, when you become cautious of your surroundings, when you are wise to choose the right one, and not the appealing one, when you cut the egoistic castle built within inside you, when you become observant of others actions, when you can actually listen to others rather than hearing them. Self Exploration always comes from the efforts made by your good self only, it is not a piece of any material that could be bought from any shop.

Concluding words: " Life is a one-time offer, Use it before its expiration date "

Source: Pixabay

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