The Missing Piece

in #life5 years ago

Have we ever come to understanding that, most times, One never gets all that he is looking for. There is always something that his/her neighbour has which such an individual needs badly. I have seen men who I taught had everything/all but after moving very close. I discovered they still had things, they needed badly.

One has to understand that, we are all in a Race with a predetermined destination. If we lose focus, we might miss what we are aiming for. So, therefore, what is that special thing you need badly which you feel you can't easily get ? Don't get waery if you think it won't come. It surely would, you basically have to put it in prayers. And then plan, plan, and Plan.

There is nothing impossible. If only you can basically believe that you can get it.
Push for it.
Fight for it.
Be Patient with it
and lastly, it would surely Unflod.

A little perseverance is all that you need to GET IT.


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