Taking Breaks

in #life5 years ago

Someone once told me last December, " Learn to find time to give a break so January doesn't like the 13th Month". I never took that too serious until January came and rest came finding its forceful way in. I had to forfeit things I had planned earlier in other to forcefully take the rest. What am I trying to drag out of this? The body needs Rest, Yes, we might be so motivated to work because what we are currently doing happens to be a Hobby. But, we also need to find time to lay our head to rest, it is very Vital to our Mind and Creative Prowess. Never joke about taking naps, it is essential if you don't want to grow older than your age within a short while....lol.

A break.jpg

But on a serious note, taking Rest when appropriate is highly necessary to boost productivity. Sometimes taking a vacation in the form of resting is adviced also, Life is too short for you not to enjoy it as a Gift. You can always plan that on a good notion and with your available resource.


Taking a break is absolutely important.
You just can't achieve anything meaningful when you're out of steam.

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