Free Cheese

in #life5 years ago

There is absolutely no one hears of something which is Free and won't jump at it. We are all in moved by that word. but the truth, in reality, is,"Nothing is Free". We should learn to understand that whenever something is presented free to us, someone else actually paid. Life would never throw anything highly Valuable Free at your doorstep you gotta take steps to making sure that you get what you want. Now, my words shouldn't be understood with the fact that sometimes, there are some good things that come to our path. But, hardly would you find something that goes totally for Free.


Anything gotten for Free loses Value to one overtime. It's no Big Discovery. When you get something you need without stressing about it, over time you then to discover that it quickly loses Value to you, and when Value is removed from the way something is seen, it becomes totally useless.

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