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The United States of America has great families, great men, in no small measure. but particularly of note is one of the greatest military families ever produced in the land of the States. Here I present to you the a family whose patriarch, MacArthur snr, who was appointed a federal judge, came from Scotland and arrived USA in 1825.

Read on the rich history, interesting and inspiring story of this great family.


The Arthurian patriarch, MacARTHUR Snr, was ten years when he arrived in Chicopee Falls, Massachusetts, USA from Scotland. He was accompanied by his widowed mother. After growing up in Chicopee Falls, he attended Wesleyan University and Amherst College, studied law in New York and was admitted in the Massachusetts Bar in 1840. Four years later (1845) he got married to miss Aurelia, a granddaughter to the famous Sarah B


YearLife Event
1825Arthur MacArthur snr arrived in the United States from Scotland.
1845Arthur MacArthur jnr. was born.
1862Arthur Jnr commissioned as first lieutenant in the Union Army at age 17; (a teenager)
1863Arthur Jnr. wins Congressional Medal of Honour in the Union army.
1864Arthur Jnr. became a full Colonel at age 19; ( still a teenager)
1866Arthur Jnr. began Indian fighting on the frontier.
1870Arthur Snr. was appointed a US federal judge by President Grant
1875Arthur Jnr. married miss Pinky Hardy
1880Douglas MacArthur (herein called MacArthur) was born January 26th, on army post and his army frontier childhood began.
1893MacArthur was enlisted a Cadet in the West Texas Military Academy.
1896Arthur MacArthur died.
1898General Arthur MacArthur Jnr. fought in the Spanish-American war.
1900General Arthur Jnr. was named Military Governor of the Philippines.
1901MacArthur, while still a cadet in West Point, testified before the congressional committee.
1903MacArthur graduates from West Point on top of the class; ie, first in class, promoted 2nd lieutenant.
1904MacArthur was promoted first lieutenant.
1905Tours far east with his parents.
1906was appointed aide to President Theodore Roosevelt.
1908was reprimanded twice for insubordination.
1911was promoted to the rank of captain.
1912Arthur MacArthur Jnr. died at age 67.
1913MacArthur was appointed to general staff 1914:
1914raided Vera Cruz in April, there after was recommended for Congressional Medal of Honour
1915was promoted to the rank of major.
1917already a colonel, was assigned to the Rainbow Division chief of staff; at age 37.
1918fought in France and "decorated nine times for heroism", his mother, Pinky, demanded for the his promotion; request granted, he became a general at age 38 and cammaned the Rainbow Division.
1919became superintendent of West Point.
1922got married to Louis Brooks at age 42.
1925Louis divorced him after 7 seven years of marriage.
1930He took a Eurasian mistress; became army chief of staff.
1934Fifteen thousand US dollars bought off his mistress.
1935Pinky, his mother, died.
1936MacArthur became Field Marshall in Philippines at the age of 56
1937MacArthur got married to Lean Marie Faircloth
1938Arthur MacArthur IV was born Manila.
1941FDR recalled MacArthur to active duty as US Far East commander.
1944MacArthur masterpiece: FDR-MacArthur meeting in Honolulu; MacArthur became a 5-star general at age 64.
1945MacArthur recaptured Bataan, Manila and Corregidor; he defied the joint chiefs, retook Central and Southern Philippines, flew into Yokohama unarmed; Japanese surrendered to him on battleship Missouri.
1950became the first United Nations commander; his greatest victory: the recapture of Seoul; UN General assembly voted 47:5 to order him to capture North Korea; he therefore crossed the 38th parallel. Chinese entered Korean war as White House forbade MacArthur from entering Chinese bases in Manchuria and rejected his four-point plan to widen the war.
1952delivers keynote address at the GOP National convention and tried to deprive Eisenhower of presidential nomination.
1955proposes that war be outlawed.

The Arthurians are historic and adventurous, the US military history cannot be complete without the mention of this great family army generals/ field marshal. Stay tuned to the vivid description of these personalities in the next part of this article. You will be amazed to know the kind of breed or specie, if you like, these stuff were made of.

Thanks for reading.
From the desk of Udu Ben


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