Stupid People Grow Old

in #life5 years ago

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2018 is here and you still believe every old man/woman is a wisdom depot.

You accept that because they possess grey hair strands, it automatically translates to being sensible, as such their knowledge and postulations shouldn't be proscribed or challenged no matter how silly they may appear.

I disagree.

Some old people can be really ridiculous at times with their extremely conservative and highly opinionated nature. I've listened to many old persons speak, and I've been disappointed severally at their logic.

Don't get it twisted, I'm not saying old people don't spill sense at times, I'm only saying that they often express idiocy as well, alongside members of every other age range.

Not every old person is wise, stupid people grow old too.

Age is not a measure of intelligence.


I think that judging people as a group on their age alone is ridiculous. I think it's just a weird thing to do. As you said, stupid people grow old, too. And all of the younger generations are human beings as well. Some of them are stupid, some are just ignorant right now and will learn. Some of them are freaking geniuses. Some of them are ridiculously pompous know-it-all types (just like some older people) and some are amazingly insightful, loving and caring humans.

I totally agree... age is not a measure of intelligence!

You are absolutely correct!!!! Thanks for your remark.

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Thought I was the only one.
Stupid people grow old too! 😂

Lol. Yea, the grow old too 😂

I guess like that say

"Experience doesn't always comes with age. Sometimes age comes alone."

Lol, yea that's true. Experience could even be negative and positive to start with

You are perfectly right, age is not enough to have wisdom...

Yea, absolutely right.

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