Your precious commodities are not a big house, a brand new car or a high-tech garage. It's "YOU" and your "Health," "Moments," "Relationships," and the "Purpose."

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"Life is short. It's a one time offer. Use it efficiently" ~ Unknown.

A couple of years back I had moved to the United States, seeking my American dream. Here, in States, I have been working for an IT tech company, where I had devoted the majority of my time.  

Technology had always intrigued me since my childhood. Over the years, since my move to States, I have acquired all the latest gadgets, right after it's first launch (You can perceive my secluded interest in technology here :P). Recently, it has gone to my notice that my two bedroom apartment crowded with "stuff." "Stuff" that are just a commodity. I have spent time with those products and transformed into a half-a-machine half-a-human being. (Don't judge me please :P)

Is that the same thing for every one of us? Are we collecting things that are not relevant in out life? In my case it the gadget, and for you, it might be something. 

As the subject stated, certain attributes are more important than just those "acquired commodities" in life. Let's take a deep look at them-


So, how many of you take your health for granted? When was the last time have you seriously worked out five days a week for a month or even slept for eight hours straight? 

We have propelled ourselves into an era of stress. We have voluntarily enrolled into an unhealthy competition. 

We ignore exercise and then question why our bodies cry when we need to climb a stair. We fail on our diet and then complain when an extra weight crept up on us. We neglect our mental health and then query why we’re always stressed.

Eating healthy, walking, yoga - it all matters for us. These are our "attributes" in an actual sense, and we should clutch to it. Not for anyone but for us. 

Do we do that? You should answer for yourself. 


I believe in the notion, "Life is a journey. We all are traveling with a destination card.

While we travel, we stumble upon with friends, family, and beloved one. Some of them stay in our life and some of them we loose touch. 

But, what matters the most -"the moment."

In my personal life, I had those memories as I had sailed along. Few of them have craved a profound touch in my life canvas, and I would treasure them like the last painting in the Earth. 

Now, if I am given an option choose between my moment vs. my Xbox - I would love to choose memories and moments as a commodity of my life. 


The new fixation with being busy drives many of us to believe we don’t have enough time in our days and not suffice for our relationships.

Is that true?

We often disregard that friends, family and loved ones, who matters to us, but we ignore them. We waste useless time over social media but hardly manages to make interaction with the person(s) who matters. 

Our relationships are our institution. We need to nourish them with love and pay attention to them who deserve.

Do you?


The purpose is what drives us. It's our big "WHY." 

It feeds our passion. It embraces our work, our relationships, and our road to living our lives. It envelops around everything we do. It spells living our lives in a meditated way. It gives our lives a visible focus.

Our purpose is what makes us travel extra miles when we struggle to find the horizon. It enrich us with profound meaning of inner voice and fulfillment. 

We should often ask these question when we lost our way-

  • What do my inner voices instruct me?
  • What makes me excited?
  • Is this what I wanted to achieve?
  • What person do I want to be in my life?

Try to answer them on your behalf. The answer reveals the core tale of who you are and what's your purpose.


We often need to a torch-bearer and search for the lost soul hidden within us. And, when we find, we know what commodity that ultimately matters to us. 

Hope you like it interesting. Do, up-vote and leave your comments. 

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Excellent post!! thank you for sharing


Thank you @mars9

Very nice post ;) Thank you for sharing ^^ I do not know if there are really final answers to those questions for me... hmm...


Hope you find those answers one day @yoganarchista