Is space limitless? Does it go on forever?

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Space has fascinated me since I studied the theory of it. I remembered I had asked my science teacher the same question- "Does space go on forever?" And he said to me, "Maybe."

But, I had attempted to find the answers ever since and still seeking. 

Probably Space does go on forever, but we don't know for sure. 

So, what do we know? Does science has addressed to this curiosity for us?

We know, it is gigantic in size for sure.  It's big enough to contain Earth. It's big enough to hold Sun, and it's orbiting planets. It's sufficient to contain all the stars we see at night. 

But, when we look up at night sky, do we see "entire space," all of it?

How far are the stars way?

Almost 100 years ego, NASA made a discovery which made a huge leap in Space study. It discovered the patches of lights, hidden among stars, which we call it today- "Galaxy." As a matter of fact, we, the inhabitant of Earth, orbiting Sun, belongs to a Galaxy. 

Each Galaxy filled with stars and its planets, orbiting them. Some Galaxies are smaller than the Milky Way we belong, and some are larger than it. 

Space as a whole lot bigger than anyone had ever dreamed. It's consist of many Galaxies. 

Can we see forever in space?

The part of the Space we can see is called "Observable Universe."

We can't see beyond Observable Universe. 

When we step outside of our home, as we can't see all the cities of the country, the same way we can't see all the area of the Space. That's the limit of what we can see. 

As of today, science has measured the observable universe. It's 93 billion light years from one side to another side. You can imagine how large it can be.

The part, which is beyond our view, at this point, doesn't mean it doesn't exist. But, it certainly means, we just don't know yet. 

The theory of space goes on and on

The scientist believes in a theory that Space is big enough that we see a portion of it. They go with the flat Space notion. 

That means, if my friend and I take a spacecraft and travel straight in space, we will not cross each other path. The distance between us will always remain same. 

When we see Earth, living on it, we think it is flat. But, when we observe from Space, we know, it's not flat, and it's limited and shaped. For space, it might be something like that. We just don't sure yet.


I know it's very intriguing and fascinating when we think about it. Maybe my science teacher was right. Maybe one day we will find out.

Let me know what do you think. 

Image Source: NASA

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I just can't see why there would be a stopping point.. if was there than would have to b some kind of a "wall" to keep it from going on.. or it just fizzles out and than what is beyond that point what would it classified as other than space.. great question..


Util we stepped outside of Earth and observed our Planet from space, we never thought it was limited. (of course, theory were there to back it up but it was just a theory). Maybe space is limitless or maybe not. we just need to wait and see what science finds out. @wilx

space have boundaries and this boundaries are going far away from center everyday... but this is not all - one day the expansion process will stop and contraction will begin - this is the start of the next big bang.


Yeah, that might be soon but that's possible in theory. You should write about it maybe. I would love to read about it. @digitalplayer.


What do u call what it is expanding into tho?


It would be beyond "observable universe." but, it will be still part of the universe @wilx

This is almost a philosophical question, more than astronomical. From our perspective the sensible universe around us is perceived on a limited manner. Whatever we try to do, to imagine how is what we cannot perceive is, is just a supposition. Great subject to think about and dream ;)