The flow of our minds!

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Did you ever notice how happiness motivates your other feeling, how sadness swaps away every other emotion? Don't wonder if you notice that in yourself. It's a normal human brain process. And the good thing is we can generate the flow or more precisely control it. Yeah, it's on our hand.

When we achieve our 'state of mind' which is not very difficult we can generate this flow organically. Now, you may ask how can we achieve state of our mind. Okay, a lot more concentration in the present, increasing our focus on things, enjoying the moments' everything is actually included in the list. And it's something like when you can feel yourself, you can hear your inner voice. If you really can achieve that the remote is in your hand. Just press it to make yourself happy.


Think like this, next morning is going to be a great day. There's going to be a lot of going-over. There will be a lot of talking over. You will need not only some positive emotion but also some negative emotions. And this is where emotions come in. They're useful in our life. The main idea is not to lose the positive feeling. In fact, we have to try to keep it because we want it. We might be doing things at work or we might be doing stuff at home and we want them. For us it might not be a real nice mood. But what we want in that case is always more happiness. So it's about controlling it.

A good way to start is the simplest one. Think of a happy person. Why? Because this human being is able to get everything he needs from every other person. We are in that situation sometimes where we need just one thing from our friends' house or from a stranger.

So what is it?

A connection. Or a mutual admiration or attachment, which makes that friend of yours a close confidante. A connection enables you to share your thoughts and your feelings with another person. This is a wonderful thing for you to know. It gives a different feeling and makes you realize that you do not need to worry about something that worries you so much. And when you are together, you don't need to be alone with your thoughts and feelings.

Research shows that when we do some meaningful activities like music or sports; those activities started to do their own work on us. It's like a chain that creates a lasting sense of personal meaning and fulfillment. And thus those activities can bring happiness. It's like a flow that touches every part of us and makes us happy in the end.

We can get ourselves enter into this flow by practicing positivism, cultivate positive energy through our daily activities and learn to smile. It's more like changing our mindset for the betterment and increasing the flow of positivism in us. And thus, we can make the flow and enjoy happiness.

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