What Am I Good At?

in life •  9 months ago

It’s Sunday afternoon and I finally went to church today, after leaving the church angrily some weeks ago because I got frustrated with the way my pastor constantly preach on sin and law, instead of Jesus’ finished work and Grace. I don’t know better and neither am I a pastor, but I do know what I want.



Out of boredom, I took my phone and started scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed until I saw a short horror story written by a friend. It was damn good. I checked out his timeline and read loads of interesting short stories he wrote. I’m not the reading type, his writing is so engaging that I didn’t even know when I spent about an hour reading them. Maybe I exaggerated the time, but it was a long time for me.

His writing skills made me remember a friend who is so good in photography. He’s an amazing photographer! I remembered another friend who is a graphic designer, mehn! He’s designs are not from this world! And lastly I remembered a friend who is a fullstack developer and seriously! I wonder how he has it all figured out often! I mean, he codes really quick and knows how to find solutions to problems so fast! And me.. on the other hand.. ehm, I’m just me 😀


I’m not comparing, or am I? Remembering my friends this afternoon really left me asking myself a question I’ve not been able to answer “What am I good at? Or What’s my talent?”

I still don’t have answers yet..
What are you good at?

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Very good Post. Everyone must know his / her capability and try to findout what is his / her hidden talent.


Thank you. I totally agree with you. But the question is, how can they find what the hidden talent is?


it's depend on individuals personality. what am i doing good every time, what i like to do, what is my favourite and so on. need to ask those question myself and find out real ans then i can understand what is my talent. its really difficult but if i work on it, i can figure it out.