Regarding People Who See Horror Movies at the Cinema

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Conjuring 3 is coming soon to the movie theaters and this made me wonder how people who see horror movies in the cinema do it. Unlike my best friend who loves seeing horror movies in the dark(though this reduced when she saw conjuring 1 & 2), I just can’t do it.

Are they human?

Are these people even human? Do they ever feel scared? The complete dark room, large TV, crazy sound quality and effects make the movie feels real than it actually is isn't. I can't even think of it, let alone do it. Okay, I'm thinking of it.

I’m trying to imagine my reaction if for instance, I decide to see conjuring 3 in the cinema, during a scary scene(when I’m definitely scared), someone around me touch me. I’d immediately feel like the whole scene is really happening to me and freak out if not faint.

Merely having an imagination of my reaction makes me feel scared a little. And some people on the same planet as I am, would be absolutely cool with anything, everything Horror. I'm guessing these people would also be able to play scary or zombie games with virtual reality headset.

Wow, really? Wow.

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