Reflect on Depression - What Do Depressed People Really Need?

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Most people today have experienced depression in one way or the other, some have been lucky enough to come out of it, some were not. I've been a victim of depression once before and it was a very sad experience. I felt hopeless, helpless, and worthless. Like I was drowning from the earth itself. I lost the will to do anything, I lost interest in anything that had to do with living and I didn't want to live anymore. I became depressed out of loneliness, being with my family again cleared up my scars.

I'm not the only one who's been through it. Depression can start from anywhere. It doesn't have to be a big deal or a big loss or something. Being alone can start it, being heartbroken can start it, being broke can start it, and being bullied can also trigger depression.

Many people around us are facing one problem or the other and we don't know it. Some people we see today are on the very brink of their lives and one word can change it or stop them from taking a drastic or severe action.


I read an article about a man who was going through bipolar depression. He said whenever anyone asked him how he was, he used to say "I'm fine, just tired" and people seemed satisfied with that answer, some might even say "go get a nap" or " rest a little bit, you'll feel better after that", but that "just tired" meant something more, it was deeper than just tired. He meant he was tired of life itself.

Depression can cause teenagers to become rebellious and cause adults to become older than their ages. They tend to see drinking, smoking and doing drugs as a form of remedy and in return, it leads to severe illness if not taken care of. Most people even try suicide just to relieve themselves of that burden they can't even describe.

Some people think if it's not the chronic 'you-need-a-doctor' depression then it's not really depression, its just tiredness and will pass. People miss the chance of saving the lives of their loved ones just because they thought it wasn't serious and with time they'd get over it.

A Simple Way to Help


A good talk often solves most of it. Some people just want to feel loved, some wants attention, and some wants to feel important to someone — just one person.

I asked a friend of mine how she felt when she was depressed, she said she felt she was drowning at that moment, but she talked to her brother and it did not only help, it also prevented post traumas. Looking at it, her brother might not even know he just saved his sister, he must have just thought he was being there, just that. But he helped her a whole lot.

When we see people being bullied, people lonely, people broke. We might not have much to do to help, But a sign of humanity can lift their hearts up, it can help them believe in living again.

No one deserves to die, especially from depression. There are millions of cases reported annually on depression, we don't know how severe they are, but the ones we are opportune to meet, let's help them.

Making the world a better place doesn't have to always do with technology or science. It's all humanity that matters at the end.

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