Either I'm Always Right or You're Always Wrong

in life •  8 months ago

From: Me

To: You


I've come to realize I'm not an asshole, I'm just fucking realistic and I say the truth at least 95% the of time. You find it really annoying because I'm always fucking right if you think about it with a common right sense for once.

I won't be sorry for who I am anymore, tell me I always think I'm right and I'm telling you, I fucking am. If you think otherwise, prove me wrong, prove me hands down wrong.

Don't be a coward, don't give yourself an excuse not to prove me wrong; no matter how mature you think you want to act, or any other excuse you want to convince yourself with, you're just being a coward. I bet I just predicted you with my last statement.

Other people that know absolutely nothing about what I'm saying, and people that this is absolutely none of their business, would say things like "No one is always right" in their mind. Someone like me would say this to me right now "How can you read their mind" haha

One of the things you should understand is, I'm not always right. But that's not with you. Often not with you.

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