How I changed my life: Rule number 1!

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Rule number 1 or how to reduce the negative thoughts

Trow out your TV. Stop watching TV. I do not tell you give your TV as a present to a friend... trow it from the window. TV is full with negativism which is increasing the depressive mood in the majority of people. Some people will say that using the TV is a way to stay informed about everything which happens in the world. I will say bull SH*T. The info you get from the TV is not exactly everything what happens around us, our world. And there are so much more different ways to stay informed. Using the TV is waste of time. Using any smart devises in the evening increases the possibility the person to have problems with the sleeping during the night......So I stopped watching TV which helped me to go to my rule number 2


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you can change your life by focusing to your target,

if we focus on the successful man we can see their struggle and idea.

u need to implement ideas for this.

you can follow this blog to get awsome ideas.

The rant here is exclusive towards the device. But what I intend is the human nature is a very beautiful mystery.

Most often what we do with the device decides the outcome.

For example, I watch TV when I need it and I don't allow it to decide how my life will lead. I am the manager and in charge.

So there you go.

I have not been watching TV for the last 5 years... and it is a very pleasant feeling. And it was annoying to always that news out there always lying, so I stop I not more look. I go and find this news... and this have help me more then TV.


And am sure your creativity increased dramatically, right?


I don`t really have a schedule to see TV, and after reading you post I realize I see it not more than 10 minutes in a week.

I approve of what you are saying totally, and I recommend it others. This totally helps focus on the main tasks in a person`s life

Not only this, if possible, skip social media like facebook, twitter, instagram too, and limit its usage to only 1 day of the week for limited time. I feel, having limited contacts is the key to success in an individual's life. It is not necessary for us to know if our acquaintance has been to Hawaii or Bora Bora, it simply does not help us, instead it creates a feeling in us that we aren`t doing good.

I throw everything out the window when i get negative



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Yeah you are right,tudy i am agree with you in fact

Josh pose

True! Always felt TV to be useless. Never had one, and now 30 years old ;). And I don't care about the news either. Whatever is really important you'll catch up on it from the people around you talking about it. Or you won't, and then still nothing is missing. Just less anxiety and worries about things that never concerned you in the first place. Gave you an upvote, looking forward to more tips! :)