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Today is Day 4 of the 10-Day Mind Body Pilates Challenge!

Today Robin uses 1-3 pound weights for an added toning boost and boy does it ever! I thought yesterday was tough, but today was a challenge too. In case you missed it, here's the video...

Did you miss Day 1-3? I got you! ❤ Day 1Day 2Day 3 ❤ You can still sign up here!

When I wrote about this challenge 6 days ago, I was excited and planned to blog about my experience with it each day here on Steemit. However, I woke up Monday morning feeling very low. You see, I have struggled with depression and anxiety for my entire life and that day - the beginning of the challenge, no less - I woke feeling terrible. A Dark Day.

So, I began doing what I call positive flooding. I flood myself with positive messages and things throughout the day, every day, until I begin to feel a shift into a more positive state of being. I usually start with gratitude, affirmations, subliminal audios, music, meditation, exercise, and reading. These are the tools I use in my arsenal of self care to pull me from the darkness. This Pilates Mind Body Challenge fit perfectly with what I needed this week, so I knew (even in my tearful state that day) that I was still doing this. In fact, it became my goal for this week... the one thing I will do every day, for myself, without question. It's 15 minutes for my wellness, I tell myself. No excuses. Today I am pleased to report I am feeling the shift and this challenge has been a big part of it.

My Experience with the Mind Body Challenge so Far...

Day 1 - Monday was a gentle workout, focusing on the foundations of Pilates, which is exactly what I needed that day. It was enough of a workout that I could feel it the next day, but not enough to keep me from moving about comfortably. The Mindfulness Assignment for Day 1 was to set a goal (at least one, no more than three) for this challenge. Done. My goal is to finish. I got through the workout fine and slept off and on most of the rest of the day. It was just about all I could manage that day and that's OK.

Day 2 - Tuesday was arms and abs and a bit more work. I definitely felt the burn and my abs were really feelin' it because of the workout from Day 1. Nice. The Mindfulness Assignment for Day 2 was to set relaxation reminders. This was awesome for me because I use an app called Mindfulness Daily already, which comes with reminders built in. Check it out. It's free!

Day 3 - Yesterday was a lower body workout that nearly burned my hips and thighs off my legs. Ouch. But yesterday also brought the mood shift I was praying for and I could finally see the light on the horizon. No tears and I could feel myself getting stronger, both physically and mentally. Yes! The Mindfulness Assignment for Day 3 was to make a gratitude list. This is already a part of my daily routine and a powerful one indeed. Done and done.

Day 4 - And that brings us to today. Today is brighter still and I even found the energy and motivation to make a post here on Steemit to share with all of you. Go me :) As noted above, today incorporates weights (but you can use something like water bottles or nothing at all, if you prefer). It's a tough workout, but a good one too. The Mindfulness Assignment for today was a huge one: "Replace your negative thoughts." Robin recommends monitoring your internal dialogue and when you notice a negative thought about yourself to stop the conversation in it's track and flip it into something positive. As she explained this at the end of the video she says, if reaching for a positive feels like too much just pause and say "I'm doing the best I can." Those words brought tears to my eyes because I felt like they were just for me. I really am doing the best I can and I believe most people are too. We all deserve a little kindness and compassion, don't you think? ❤

Are you doing this challenge too? I'd love to hear about it. Drop me a comment below!

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