Life: A Story With No Plot

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Do you understand that everyone deserves to be happy. It doesn't matter the magnitude of happiness, but we all have got to be happy.

It so happened that one day I was walking from work going home, minding my own business. I played music on my earphones and was singing along; enjoying myself. Then someone looked at me with an annoyed which was terribly annoying in return. I'm stuck in the dark in broad daylight, trying to imagine what's really disgusting on me that has got her looking at me like that.

"Is my zip open?" I thought to myself. I felt like a piece rubbish walking under the sun. The way she looked at me, oh gosh! It was as if she was magically looking through my trousers into the sacred city.

So I raised my silly head and married my eyes with hers. Unbelievably she pulled face together and said something, but I didn't hear anything. Then I pulled out one earphone pod and leaned towards her curiously.

"Huh!" I said in a funny voice trying to sound normal and balance my voice with the noise in my head.

"Are you OK?" she asked.


"Oh OK! It's only that you looked a bit disturbed and I decided to ask," she said.

Believe me, it sounded so sweet. Some people really do care about others in this world, even strangers. Imagine if everyone was like that; conscious enough to identify the absence of happiness in other people and take it seriously. How many people did you make smile today? Is that the best you can or you can do better? Food for thought!

To be continued...

NB: This is a work of fiction and nothing is directly linked to the author or any of his associations.

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