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As I wrote in one of my post, change is constant and as time goes on, humanity has evolved. Gone are those days when we write letters or send town criers to deliver messages. Thanks to technology, we can now send e-mails (electronic mails) in just a blink of an eye. Even as it has been good to us, a problem has arose from the fantastic creation of telephones. It's as if this phones have sucked the humanity out of us leaving us to be walking dead and thats a problem.

It's a problem because all we go around doing is just press our phones . I am also a victim of this condition because a few days ago I was almost in an incident because I was chatting while crossing the road (I have forgotten about looking right then left and then right again or I might have being carried away by the spirit of phone) who knows. Till now I still hear my mom's voice in my head saying that "I pray that phone won't kill you " am so much sure that most of my peers have been involved in tragic accidents because of the way they use their phones on the road. Some even drive and chat and it results in terrible accidents.
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The main problem is that the life in which we are living online is simply a lie and the worst lie is when you are actually lying to yourself.

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It has even gotten to the extent that when we see our fellow humans in trouble, all we do is to just take out our phones and begin to take pictures. Where are we headed now, are we not supposed to be our brothers keepers, then what are we doing.

So my brothers and my sisters let's do the right thing, let's not lose our humanity because of the invention of mobile phones. Things are emerging , different ideas I wonder what Iphone and Samsung have installed for us.

all we can do is pray.

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Great subject approached @trojan4

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