I'm Alive

in #life2 years ago

Just making this little post to say that I'm alive. I have some health issues since last month, that's why I'm not as much active since. But I promise I will make everything to come back with some original and creative content as soon as possible.

My Creativity will be lit up again, soon.

Thanks for the ones that supported me since the beginning.

Much love to all my fellow steemians. <3


Je fais juste ce petit post pour dire que je suis en vie. J'ai des problèmes de santé depuis le mois dernier, c'est pourquoi je ne suis plus aussi actif depuis. Mais je promets de tout faire pour revenir avec du contenu original et créatif dès que possible.

Ma créativité sera à nouveau éclairée, bientôt.

Merci pour ceux qui m'ont soutenu depuis le début.

Beaucoup d'amour à tous mes compagnons steemiens.


thank you for notifying you that you are well, despite your health condition you have good mood, I hope you get better soon and come back with more of your excellent work, I wish you many blessings ...

Hey man, sending lovewaves for the health issues. Epic time gif bruvva stay lit :)

Get well Soon

We will wait for your back brother... and thanks for the translation

Feel better :) That gif shows promise to some new creativity storming ahead ;)

Welcome back, i'm watching the gif again and again, cool!

I will support too

Just discovered your account for the first time - sadly :/
Get well soon, your content looks like fun!

MUSE !!!!!!!! me !!!!!!!!!!!!! KINDLY !!!!!!!!!! - )))
.. A-HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaa - ))

.. and .. i thought .. it was 'me' ?? ?? - ))))))
.. or .. my F(ART)S ???????? - ))

ha ha - )))))))))))))))

lovelovelove )))))) + ))) = ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
greb'Z )

AND HEY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - )))
.. this (GIF) .. WTF !!!!!!!!!!!!!! - ))

.. is a RIDICULOUSLY .. COOL .. piece .. of FOR(E)VER !!!!!!!!!!!! - ))

.. just saying !!!!!!!!!!!! - ))
.. i LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!! - ))

.. you GENIUS'LY CREATIVE .. HUMAN !!!!!!!!! - ))

SO!!FA'KING .. GOOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!! - ))

Great to hear from you and see a cool trick! I know you will light it up again. My prayers are with you my friend!

Rien de grave j'espère !!!! Je te souhaite un bon rétablissement en espérant te revoir très bientôt parmi nous encore plus fort qu'avant :-) !!!!

Good to hear your still kicking an have your powers! Sending some reiki energy get well soon bud!

Hope you get better soon my friend, awesome gif :) missed your creativity, hope to see you back, Steem on!

Whoa! That gif is crazy!!
Good to see ya on Steemit!! :)

Sorry to hear you were out not doing so good. Glad you're better and I wish you well. Check out DR. Morse on YT if you want info on how to take care of yourself without big pharma.................

What’s going on? I am a massage therapist and an energetic healer, i may be able to offer some advice or help in some way.

It's really difficult to explain here. I already have some external help. But thank you for caring! <3

you can always email me, I am of service to the people and find solace in offering a safe haven for people/animals/things. Be well <3 [email protected]

its nice to be back bro..i will pray for you good health..have a great day..upvoted your post my friend

Friend troilo, you will not believe me, but I was about to write to know about you, thank you for your visit and support, that lets me know you're fine. take good care of a good friend. Thank you!