Human Purpose according to Leonard Read - and me

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In reading a brief collection of Leonard Read's works [1], I came across this explanation of life's purpose:

"What is man’s earthly purpose? I could find no answer to that question without bumping, head on, into three of my basic assumptions. The first derives from the observation that man did not create himself, for there is evidence aplenty that man knows very little about himself, thus: The primacy and supremacy of an Infinite Consciousness; The expansibility of individual consciousness, this being demonstrably possible; and The immortality of the individual spirit or consciousness, our earthly moments being not all there is to it—this being something I know but know not how to demonstrate. With these assumptions, the answer to the question, “What is man’s earthly purpose?” comes clear: It is to expand one’s own consciousness into as near a harmony with Infinite Consciousness as is within the power of each, or, in more lay terms, to see how nearly one can come to a realization of those creative potentialities peculiar to one’s own person, each of us being different in this respect."

It struck me as the most elegantly concise explanation I'd ever read, though its implications are extensive. If we are to achieve harmony as integrated parts of an infinite consciousness, we must heed the words of Jesus - doing unto others as we would have them do unto us - and of Kant - acting only in accordance with that maxim through which we can at the same time will that it become a universal law.

We all have a desire to belong and to be part of something greater than ourselves, but many of us are led astray by false belonging and false identities that separate us from others rather than bringing us into harmony. Exclusive, zero-sum lifestyles and identities are synonymous with conflict and can survive only by parasitically feeding off the results of harmony. On an eternal timeline, every identity that is defined by conflict will be destroyed by that conflict. Only that which is infinitely scalable through harmony with truth can last.

Our purpose - our highest potential - is to learn the truth and be freed by it from vain pursuit of that which will only destroy us, that we may become part of that glorious community in which there's always enough to welcome others. Whether you call it the Kingdom of God, or by some other name, it's what we're all searching for. I hope we can all reach it together.



Is it possible that each human has a unique pre-destined purpose to fulfill on this earth? I personally believe that. Some people discover that purpose early on, others don't find out till later in life and some never find out at all.

I think the biggest tragedy in life is a life lived without realizing and fulfilling that purpose. What is worse than coming to the end of your days and knowing that you have done nothing, accomplished nothing and affected nothing?

It is possible, I think. I also consider the possibility that we ourselves (or that aspect of Universal Consciousness which is uniquely me) chose that purpose, and that we can choose whether to fulfill it or change it in flight. It would seem to me a fatalistic trap to assume that a purpose is assigned to us from elsewhere than ourselves.

I agree with your perspective Nathan. However, if the common reality we experience is a simulation, it does give added weight to a predefined role in the simulation. Such a role could be very vague, leaving open the freedom of individual choice based on subjective circumstances.

I have been asking myself what my purpose on this Earth is since I was your age and am still uncertain of it. Like you I've always been "different", and it has caused considerable difficulties with authoritarian types. Being an Agorist/Voluntariest and doing my best to promoting the NAP and discuss the fallacies all around us are the closest definition of a life's purpose I can muster.

Looking forward to seeing you again in Feb. Actually I'm trying to contact you, but not sure the best way. Having difficulties with keybase.

I think each of us is unique in ability, circumstance, and ability, and that we're all ideally destined for harmonious and productive integration with the infinite. Our unique qualities and creativity mean that doesn't look exactly the same for all of us. So I think the concern with 'finding your place/destiny' is legitimate even though I don't think that place or destiny is explicitly designated, planned, or assigned by another entity.

Quantum physic's and Karma; what you believe becomes your consciousness.
How you handle your daily events becomes tomorrow's reality.

I enjoyed reading your quote from Leonard Read. It was an eloquent expression our life purpose.

Great post. I also wanted to thank you for the support and coming by my blog also!

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