THE DIGITAL SURF NOMAD LIFESTYLE BUBBLE - The 100 Day Steemit Blogpost Challenge - Day 002

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Hey Guys,

this is part 2 of the ''behind the scenes'' Blogpost challenge. I am sitting here right now in a coworking space in Bali, after 1 hour of surfing.

Sounds like a dream for you? One part of me wants to say ''yes, it is.'' But the other part thinks, ''oh boy, it's nothing special. Just do it. But be aware, there are downsides as well.''

I started my ''Dreamlife'' by accident. It was 2015 where i quit my good career and left Germany for travel and yoga reasons. and after traveling through Costa Rica, India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka - i arrived in Bali. I 've been to Bali before, but i have never been to Canggu. And after 3 days - i decided to stay and not go back. After 10 days I had my digital nomad job. ''short version''.

In these 2 years, i saw a lot of people coming and going - everybody was following his dream, everyone was kind of a newbie like me at the beginning. I have empathy for travelers and digital nomads, but i know deep inside, every one of them is missing the stability in life.

So my goal was to live by the sea and be able to surf every day. - The price I pay for this is meeting people without building up a deep connection because everyone will leave again. Everyone is nice and cool, but you never go deeper or get a look behind the scenes. The bubble of open minded travelers exists, and this is the price you have to pay for, being a digital nomad!

As soon as you see through it, it becomes easier to deal with it. But if you are younger and less experienced, it can be lonesome and create a feeling of being wrong here. And when this happens, you start to miss your hometown and your friends.

But this is nothing you can be prepared for, this is something you have to go through and learn to deal with it!

What is your experience while you are traveling?

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Look who's here ^^ @Tristanhero, Let me welcome you to Steemit. Hope you gonna have fun with our community. Feel free to follow me @rightuppercorner Have a great time @rightuppercorner

It's fun already :D