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Instagress got shut down 2017. What is and why you should sign up!

It was a shock for a lot of people as Instagress closed their gates this year! They were the first Instagram Automation Bot on the world wide web with affordable prices. No one saw it coming, everyone had huge success with their Instagram growth. Even me, to be honest. My first 5000 followers were gained by Instagress.

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At the same time, I was using 2 other services, one for schedule my posts and another one for direct messaging my followers. As the second service got shut down in between 2 weeks, my whole social media marketing strategy went down. No Growth anymore, no new clients.

As the leader of Instagram bots went down, we knew there will be a lack for people like us. We tried a few different websites, but none of them worked like Instagress. So we decided to find a someone to create our own Instagram automation service. The next Instagress - just even better!

So what did we add on to our service from our own experience?

Let's start with the Similarities:

The Automation Bot - You can choose your target by Followers of username, hashtags, and location.

The bonus of Getinfame: You get a detailed conversion Rate!

The bonus of Instagress: You could set up your targets in one box. On Getinfame you have to be more specific with the setup, but you will be able to see more detailed analytics.

And from here Getinfame has much more to offer than Instagress. We as Developers were tired of using 3 websites for on social media platform. We wanted to have the All-In-One Solution!

With you can

schedule posts without being online
auto direct message existing and new follower
track and answer all comments without spending time on your smartphone
edit existing posts
manage multiple Instagram accounts at once
get statistics and analytics about your growth

We are better than Instagress! We are the best Instagress Alternative you can find on the world wide web!

Get your free trial now and grow on Instagram!

Getinfame Now!

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