3 Mindsets of the week!- The 100 Day Steemit Blogpost Challenge - Day 006

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Hey guys,

It doesnt matter how you start, it only matters how you finish!*

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This week something changed. When i walk around

  • my body language was more confident
  • i had a faster walking speed
  • i got more things done

But why? Is this the thing that people call 'Momentum'? I have actually a lot of work going on. Filmmaking is growing, blogging on steemit is growing, my youtube channel even grows without posting any video. :D

I think that is momentum. Therefore, it's time to share some mindsets, that i have used during the week, that kept me motivated and on top of my game.


never be tired
This is something new in my head, and it really helps to raise your awareness and get more things done. I am not a perfect morning person, but since I auto suggests, not being tired: I am actually not tired. Simple as it sounds - it actually is! Even when I am tired, my mind goes away from that tired state into a awaken one. This helps, and please try this too! If you are sometimes a bit lazy, or you wanna go to bed and stop working because you are tired. and you still have to finish your work - SPEAK TO YOURSELF AND TELL YOUR INNER ME THAT YOU ARE THE BEST, AND THAT YOU ARE NOT EVEN CLOSE TO BE TIRED!


It doesnt matter how you start, it only matters how you finish!*

This Mindset is especially important when you have a lack of discipline, a long To-Do list, or an intense never ending task to finish.


No Excuses - never!
Champions don't use excuses. You don' need to excuse yourself. If you make a mistake, if you are late, what ever it is - This is a moment where you can show true personality. Sounds weird, i know. When you are late because you slept too long after a long night out, then you should take responsibility for your actions, of course. But what I want to tell you is, excusing yourself with giving away the own responsibility for that what happened, is a sign of weakness and a lack of control. Better you stand behind your mistakes, tell everybody it was you that went too far, say sorry for that, and then stop! That's it - don't blame anybody else -take full responsibility and head on!

Thanks for this awesome week, tomorrow is Sunday - Day 007 of my blog post challenge. What topics do you like so far on my blog? Let me know in the comments. Thank you for reading!
-if you have read so far, you can actually follow me now! ;)

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This is Ture Method!

Nice to meet you, @tristanhero! Welcome to the Steemit Community, wish you good luck and a good start, ive send you a small tip and followed you, hope you have an amazing day! :)


Thank you.. you did this already yesterday with the same message :D


I like to help people out :D


thats cool ;) thanks for that!