Choose Life

in life •  last year

When confusedly faced with a range of options, choose life. Enjoy nature, a quiet moment, unique people, or simple service. See the world with hope; although this may be difficult, it is so relieving, when you can trust your intuition and thus others again.

Sometimes creating something new, is as simple as saying hi or smiling sincerely.

Maybe your own intellectual casserole of smarts and experience is of more value than any particular skill the world can teach. Being ourselves may be the sunshine the world needs.

Technology is for making impersonal moments of effort easier, not for replacing enjoyment of the present moment. I see in my mind beautiful winding Italian streets covered in spring, eating a salad whose ingredients are fresh from the dirt. I've never been there, but I guess my imagination is not limited.

We each can 'vote' for life through our choices in how we act, what we think and how we implement our time and energy. Sometimes pure means efficient, other times it means not efficient.

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