To new beginnings & for being grateful ✌🏻

in #life • 4 years ago (edited)

Any sunset lovers reading this? 🧐

Today I witnessed this amazing sunset in my new backyard...I recently moved to a new house in my city (Maastricht, The Netherlands) cause of various reasons. I have been so busy and stressed with the move the last couple of weeks but then today I looked out my new bedroom window while unboxing and I saw this view....WOW! 👌🏻

Totally grateful for what I have achieved and the effort it took to move to this place. I sat down and said to myself...stop stressing and just be grateful because life is so amazing and beautiful!

Appreciate the little things in life and more great things will come to you 🙏🏻
#lawofattraction #beinggrateful

They say when looking back...the little things will be the big things in your life! What are you grateful for today? Would love to hear your thoughts 🙂

Goodnight wherever you are!

Travelling Vet Nurse
@travelvetnurse 😘



That's a very beautiful sunset! Today, I am grateful for having a nice warm and safe place to live... sometimes we take these comforts for granted, but so many are far worse off than we are.


Totally agree...we have a comfy / dry house with heating, a bed, a shower. That is pure luxury and we have to be grateful everyday :)

I'm grateful to be home from nightshift on this cold winter's night and that my backyard hasn't been burned down. There was a fire somewhere, I can smell it ;)
Your view looks like something to be very grateful for, enjoy it!

Thank you very much :) I sure am. Where about do you live? It is summer here and it has been very warm...30 degrees Celsius for weeks now, not a lot of rain at all.

I am in South Africa so we are in winter. We don't get snow in winter so there are often fires in winter because everything is so dry.

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