3 simple steps to make your own beer

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Any beer lovers out there? I got tired of paying ridiculous amounts for a decent pale ale, so I decided to craft my own beer. Yes, Norway has free healthcare but when a 0.5L beer (in the store, mind you) is $8, something is not right. So here's to DIY! Let's cook!

Now, hold on - I'm not going full retard and turning my kitchin into a full blown hobbs & yeast brew lab. I'd like to get my feet wet before I jump in the ocean. So first things first.

1 - Get your hands on a kit.

It's really simple - all you need is a 1) the home brew kit which usually contains a pre-ready malt juice (in cans), yeast, hobbs, 2) the fermenter drum (usually 25 liters), and 3) a fermenter lock. You'll also need 4) a fermenter tap. Either all of these are included in the kit or they are add-on products you can pick up in the same store.
Here's what it would look like:

download (1).jpeg

2 - Get a "kegg" and a C02 bottle to store your new shizzle
Why? Well, unless you want to spend hours and days cleaning beer bottles (they need to be uber clean) and bottling copious amounts of bottles with a bottle-hammer - not to mention, the risk of bursting those bottles because you added too much sugar (which, for bottles, adds the CO2) - your better off just storing the beer in a cornelius drum (Norwegians call it "kegg") and adding the CO2 as you pour it.


  1. Wait and be happy...
    It takes about two weeks to finish..I'm told this is flexible. The package says 4-6 days, but my mate says wait at least two weeks. So, I guess I'm waiting :)


This is the yeast stopper...it makes really nice beer farts througout the brew process. Bliss!

Anyone else tried this?


How much the equipment cost and after all how much it cost you to do like a gallon of this? Doesn't seem too complicated, but I am pretty sure is not easy to find the right amount of everything to do a tasty beer! Good work by the way!!

@madwallace - Thanks - Great question: This is about 5 gallons (19L) and the totalt cost for the kit was about $63 - that includes the fermenter drum + all the ingridients to actual make the beer. The only extra cost would be the kegg, the CO2 bottle and the connecting tubes which this guy sells for $380. Actually, the right amount should be spot on according to the kit, but you're right - it's not guranteed. I'll share another post on how it actually came out :)

I used to use pineapple peels to make pineapple beer using a very similar kit. However I relied on natural fermentation and never used C02 to bottle, so just enough sugar :-). If you like I will do a post and share the recipe, it tastes good and hase one hell of a kick! Thanks for sharing great post.

@bitminter - I would love to get that recipie :) So you never burst any bottles, and they all came out well?

Not tried yet but this week I have my final exams so , will try next week but I m think I should make it now because 1 week wait will make it more bhoooom.. @travelmarcus thanks by the way.. #hats off boss

I definitely wanna try sth like this, as soon as I come back home from holidays I might think about buying it! =)

although i don't like beer, but i think this steps are great

It seems like a brilliant idea. And is it a good beer?

@amara14 time will tell..will bottle it soon :)

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