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How does it feel when a drop of water falls on an open wound of yours? How pathetic is it for a child when his favorite toy is being smashed away by any other? How does it feel when all of a sudden you get to know of a near one who betrayed you? There are few questions which are related to the psyche of a person, and the response which he or she gives is governed by the level of his or her sensitivity. Sharing a favorite t-shirt with siblings is a very common thing for some, but for others, the sensitive ones are quite a tormenting situation. So the matter boils down to the fact of #Sensitivity and #empathy. Empathy is simply putting your feet in the shoes of other; it directly means trying to see a similar situation from another end.

We usually are unable to understand people because we don't see them from their perspective albeit we see them from our perspective and try to draw our own conclusions and at the end of the day we blame others for hurting ourselves and making them a culprit of our dismal and gloomy life. One thing should be kept in mind “It's not them who hurt you... It's “you” who hurt you”... It's just a state of mind to contemplate that others can hurt you, but in reality, one should forge himself in such a way that no one in this entire universe can even touch your feelings... Well, this quality usually comes when you are age hardened. One reason for distress is dependence
on others, remember one thing you are a complete entity in yourself.

I know most of us are amongst those who work hard, value humanity, value our friends but when it comes to reciprocation, the same is not true. In simple terms, if A loves B, it is not mandatory for B to love A in return. Well! It sounds harsh, but it is the bitter truth, a bitter pill to be swallowed which can protect you in future. Many of us feel it every day that we help others, we value others but at the same time when it comes to us we are all alone in that universe, and that is the most painful feeling that one can ever feel. Now the question arises how to tackle such situations? On the basis of my experience with human nature and my study on the human behavior, I am going to share few tips that are just simple and lucid to understand


Everyone has got a different illusion behind his eyes. He sees things from his perspective; sometimes we do misinterpret a smiley sent in a mail, which ends up with a lethal fight. So try to figure out the mood of the speaker it will help you to amplify your behavior accordingly.


Well! A two letter word that contains the whole universe. A NO said on the right time can make your life a lot easier, no matter, in the beginning, it is difficult to do, but eventually it will become easy for you to do so, and the results will be positive, soon or later you will see that your value in your group will be at the pinnacle. But don't dispose yourself to a say NO everywhere otherwise you will end at ruining the dish. Learn the magic mantra of NO.


Sorry to say, but a gap is important in any relationship, give every relation space so that it should not create friction with your life. Only reveal that secrets that you think are important to reveal. Keep your little dirty secrets all inside you and savor them when you are alone... Believe me; it will be fun.


Most complicated creature ever created by the Almighty, no one can predict human nature, its the toughest task to accomplish, it's like pulling an angry bull from his horn and putting him back into the stable. Follow the rule of #RESPECT_ALL_SUSPICT_ALL. Never maintain such relations which you think can hurt you, always maintain depth and distance from any relation otherwise you will be lost in these depths, and there is no way out.


I am not talking about Poker? Face or Bluff. It merely means maintain your innate personality, listen to all say yes to everybody and do whatever comes to your mind! No need to reveal your soft-core red velvet fragile heart garnished by savoury feelings to others, they will enjoy spilling it, be a good listener and imbibe in your habit to talk less, don't say even a single word where a fake smile can solve the purpose, no need to waste your energy just channelize it somewhere else.

The points I shared will make you to think that I am selfish, but selfishness for self-satisfaction is not a bad thing to do. Just do your job and make yourself feel proud.



your content is always awesome love to read your storys

Thanks a lot :)

Unbelievable stuff. Your writing inspires me

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