What Is Your Position In Life?

in #life3 years ago

Hey Friends, How have you all been?

It's been a long time since I posted here. Well today I'm with my another article. Like I told you in my previous post about spiritualism, it describes mysticism as a process of redefining and recreating yourself again and again. When it comes to our purpose in life, I think it would be a conundrum, not everyone’s cup of tea. Let me ask you a straightforward question, why is it difficult to be like oneself although it is supposed to be the most straightforward task to do? To be oneself one has to work according to one's qualities and within a particular domain, which is known as DHARMA in Hindu mythology. For example, DHARMA of fire is to ignite irrespective of the fact what comes in its way, like the same way dharma of the water is to quench the fire. So your purpose in life defines your dharma, the fiend in which you are good at.

Have you wondered how many times it happened when we behaved opposite to our inner being and took yourself away from spiritualism? Everything happens in a sequence of steps, the same is true for our divergence from the path of spiritualism. A farther pasture always appears more green, which may force us to quit our dharma and diverge somewhere else, it could be an end of spiritual life, not everyone is made to fulfill all purposes in life. A couple of days from now FIFA ended, I would like to explain purpose (DHARMA) within the help of game of FOOTBALL. Like we can’t enjoy the game of football without an opponent the same is valid for life. Life will be a lot miserable if there are no hurdles and difficulties. While the game is on only a few are active, and others keep on changing their position but not beyond their assigned area, we can’t find a Goalkeeper taking forward position of the cross in the line if in a way he is successful in fetching a goal he will be charged with fault play.

Players in the forward line are the most active; their name comes forward whenever a goal is hit irrespective of the fact that it is a team work, on the other hand, a Goalkeeper is restricted to a smaller area with fewer jumps and runs. He may even get bored, but his presence of mind and alertness is what necessary to stop an incoming goal attempt. So the game requires a great deal with discipline and control over the area which is assigned. In short, this is SPIRITUALISM of football. Not every Goalkeeper be a forward line player nor every forward line player can become a good goalkeeper, so the fact is crystal clear one should be clear with purpose and should work continuously to gain refinement in it.

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