Things To Do Before We Sleep

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Eat, do and sleep! This is the daily routine of any normal man that lives on this planet. This habit is so virulent that it can take charm from our lives, we stop stretching ourselves, pushing to the next level, in short, we behave like a death in the living body. So, is there anything that we can do just before sleep that can really change our perspective on life. One such thing that can be done is contemplation. Think again and again what wrong did we do today, What extra can you add to your existing skill? One more thing that we can do is watching our inner self by closing our eyes, I mean to say, to see your weakness which is hindering your way to success, your ultimate goal.

Well, the road to success and perfection is never going to be easy, you will face disappointments, in the course of your journey we may blame other people for our weaknesses and failures, but in reality no man other than you can make yourself weak, we end up entangling self in a web made up of lame excuses and it will never appear to us if we are victimized.

Just before going to sleep sometimes we think about doing something big, but when we start pursuing our goals, we face difficulties. According to the law of nature “greater the difficulty, greater will be the success. If we consider these difficulties as a trial of nature, then they might stop hurting us a little bit. Isn’t it a fact that just before buying an earthen pot we pat it at various locations so as to find it holds good to our expectation or not. Isn’t it a trial? Just before buying a commodity we talk about its price and durability, it is also a trial, so why not expect from Mother Nature a trail on self so as to check if we deserve to our desires.

I do believe hardships will come, but trust me if you are continuously getting mirages and misfortunes then nothing to worry about, fortunately, you are in a right direction indeed. Just think about this before going to bed, think of your aim, your shortcomings, your goals and the allotted time within which you are supposed to do those, I guarantee you a sound sleep.

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you are so right, that is a good advice for us before going to sleep, we must think how our day was and learn about it, we can not let it past as it doesn´t worth at all.

The book 'The Secrert' written by Rhonda Byrne also revels the same.
You are right. Before going to bed or sleep we can rethink our goals and plannings to achieve.
As our subconscious mind acts in a particular way. We can feed through this.
Well written👍👍

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