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Everyone amongst of surely has faced boredom at some part of life, even there are people who face it every day. A deep contemplation can fetch the answer behind boredom that is lack of interest? Now! The thing is, what creates interest? Anything that you find good to do which draws your attention is called as interesting. That's why some of us are interested in art and craft, some in reading, writing singing and many more. The situation is even more perplexing if we have got no idea what our interest is? This is the problem of most of the people that they don't know what are they good at? Many talented young men are crumbled by a load of unworthiness that goes on piling up as they make no effort to take themselves away from this situation of ennui.

Suppose you are sitting in a room all of a sudden you get a call from your friend who invites you for a movie, just after hearing this state of mind changes, we dress up nice, we smell good and the moment after watching the movie we actually at in a good mood, we do our work with more concentration, more attention, and intent. If we think about the reason behind this transformation, we will get to know that there is something that gives us a #KICK which is the driving force in eradicating boredom. One must know the trigger points which makes you energetic and what makes you crestfallen.

There comes a phase when we have got nothing to do, which can make us delinquent. Today youngsters are bored because they don't know their inherent capabilities. They haven’t even mastered the technique of imagination, turning dreams into reality, something to occupy their mind. In actual life is not boring, we are making it boring by not doing the things which makes us feel happy. Dora Alberts say If you find something or someone uninteresting, it may be because of emptiness in you. What we need to do is to build mental qualities, so that life looks exciting. I still remember the #ALL_IS_WELL approach. Just keep your mind in a beautiful illusion, do stuff what you fear the most make them your daily habit. For example, if you are slow in mathematics, drill it every day until the moment it becomes your interest, and it dances on your fingertips. If you are in the habit of creating your own interests, then life will be like Newton at the seashore picking beautiful pebbles.

“Be positive!” this sentence of 2 words captures a wide range of life experiences. One such example is to be constructive. Inculcate a habit of doing productive works so that when there is some leisure time you can give yourself the freedom of choosing your own pursuits and instead of KILLING time you do something new, something better.

The Internet is such a boon to mankind, but at the same time, it has to handle with a greater sense of responsibility, instead of wasting time on useless chitter chatter and time killing amusements something creative should be learnt like painting, playing the guitar, calligraphy just anything which widens the horizons of your thinking. Every day you have to find something that stretches your mind to a new level. Remember! The human body has got no limits; you can do whatever you want to. Being an idle person is like wrapped up in your own mental cocoon, they fail to develop any hobby, and at the end, they end up at living their life in sheer depression.

At last! If there is a problem there is a solution too... Lord Brougham said, “Blessed is the man that hath a hobby.” I feel the same, cultivation of interest is important, without a hobby life is just vacuum which houses negativity, nightmares, and fear. Unless you widen your horizon, boredom is going to trail you throughout life. There are two things one is innate talent, and other is acquired skill, a very few amongst of us are god gifted, but acquiring talent and working on it can make you even greater. In the end, it's your hard work, not your sheer talent that will help you win the race.
Believe in yourself, Almighty has created you to do great things, you are top of the creation, nothing is as strong as a human mind, so replace negativity with positivity and do something productive for self and for the mankind and leave a remarkable imprint when you leave this world.

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