Its never too late, get started!

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Importance Of Learning How To Code:

Tim Cook, Apple's CEO recently said

'It’s more important to learn to code than to learn a foreign language'

I wanted to put my 2 cents here as continuation of the comment above. I can't emphasize the importance of learning a skill and becoming a pro in the field and here is why.

For all the kids out there, please spare some time in a day and learn a computer skill. I know it is not easy specially if you do not belong to computer studies background but its okay. Pick a relatively easy skill to begin with and gradually improve your knowledge. With the passage of time, everything will begin to fall in place. The online learning platforms like Udemy and Youtube has taught many solo starters and let them shape their careers. You can also do that if you are willing to learn.

If learning how to code sounds like a huge mountain, perhaps put your hands on other computer related skills such as 'How to manage a social network' (Youtube it to learn more) or learn 'How to write effectively' and make a career as a blogger. Remember, content is the king and although I may be skeptical about the fate of most of the mainstream computer languages in the future, I am confident that the content will never die.

Most of the times we give up many potential income streams assuming that they are already saturated but that is usually not true and not even based on the facts. Take the examples of new, talented actors and sportsmen. Because of their uniqueness in their approach and hard work, not only they make a place for themselves in a saturated competition but also gradually replace existing ones and maintain their prominence in the competitive space. The history books typically writes about them as 'they were just better'.

Bottom line is, there is no way you will not be in demand if you are 'hands down' and know a skill. Learning a computer skill is going to make you go places in the future.

Its never too late, get started!

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