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4 Strange Ways To Gain Trust

Whether its closing that big deal or convincing your wife that you and the secretary are just going on a business trip to close that big deal, more trust is definitely something we'd like. But how do we actually increase the level of trust that others have in us? Well qualities such as sincerity, honesty and showing others respect can help develop a trustworthy reputation over the long term, but what if you don't have any time for that shit and just need to quickly trick someone into believing you're a Nigerian prince?

Yeah I feel sorry for people with only one hand as they need to find a partner with whom to do this sign

Well, you're in luck, because for a low low price of 99.95 Steem, I'll share with you 4 morally and factually questionable techniques to instantly gain the trust of people. Or you can just read the rest of this article for free. I guarantee all these techniques will sometimes work.

Wear Blue Instead of Red

Ah, red vs blue - a rivalry as old as this sentence itself. Science has shown that people who wear blue are more likely to be trusted than those who wear red. And by 'science' I mean flimsy anecdotal groundless testimony obtained in uncontrolled groups - basically the gold standard for the definition of the word 'science' which Scientology wishes it could meet.

The color blue is generally associated with qualities of trust and reliability. If you've ever wondered why they use that blue liquid in sanitary pad ads instead of just good old fashioned period blood, that's probably your answer. And all this time you thought Stayfree was marketing exclusively to royals. And while we're here at high brow humor land I just want to share that I have the most trustworthy balls ever.

blue clothes.jpeg
You trust her don't you? Told you it works

Show Some Weaknesses

This is by far the number 1 reason why people find it difficult to trust me: because they just can't relate to someone perfect like myself who has absolutely no flaws. Well it's either that or the fact that I'm a shameless liar.

My research has shown that actual research has shown that displaying weakness can make one appear more disarming and therefore, more trustworthy. Something as simple as mispelling words in a Steemit article can humanize you and get you an avalanche of upvotes. But don't get too carried away. When it comes to the relationship between personal flaws and trust, this isn't the case of the more the merrier. While a nervous giggle can be a cute ice breaker, chewing your toe nails is probably not the best first impression you want to give to a potential big client.

Part Your Hair From the Correct Side

Ok, this one may sound bullshit, as in even more bullshit than the rest of the stuff on this list, but it's strangely interesting in a mundane way that I'm going to include it anyway. Apparently, men are more trustworthy if they part their hair from the left and vice versa for women. Most movie heroes part their hair from the left. Shit, even Superman has a left part while his nerdy alter ego Clark Kent parts his hair from the right.

The glasses and clothes didn't fool anybody, it was the hair part that was the true disguise

Somehow we're all meant to subconsciously process how people part their hairs and form a judgement from it, which is pretty annoying for me because my crown is on the right. So parting my hair from the left makes it look like I'm doing an impression of a combover. But whatever, hopefully people will warm to my braided pubes instead.

Touch Yourself on the Chest in Conversations

Some body language experts have suggested that lightly touching your own chest from time to time in a conversation can engender an image of openness and trustworthiness, especially when you're using positive descriptive language. This automatically causes people to relate you to the positive qualities being described. I suppose the idea would be to slightly gesture towards your chest every time you utter good attributes like 'very reliable' or 'fiercely loyal' or 'not a pedophile' when conversing with others.

And before you ask, no, this doesn't work if you touch yourself elsewhere. So if you want to win people over, there's really no point in going all Michael Jackson on them when in the middle of a conversation.

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I really agree with you, I am your loyal fans, and I have upvote all your articles every time you post and I meresteem it all, I also have long followed you from the first I joined in steemit. Thank you for sharing @trafalgar
I really like your writing style.

calm down trafalgar's alt account.

HAHAHA! Suffice to say that my clothes are soaked from the drink that was supposed to go inside of my body. I'm so glad that this gem of a reply sat comfortably at the top.

:D hahahahaha oh god !!! thanx for letting me watch this reply today !!

@acidyo legend :D hows you :D :D

Oh. Just saw this. Now I feel like a twat : D

I hope you will consider a new tag I am proposing called #humanrelations for posts like this. I feel we are sorely in need of tag specifically for Social Skills, Body Language, Relationship Advice, ect.

see this post: New Tag Campaign - #HumanRelations for more information.
(#notabot Genuine Alien Interaction)

thank you afriaulia
I'm a bit busy irl now so I'll be posting less often on here for a while :)

He is right, I see him, you very rarely post at this time ..
I always monitor your posts

Hi @trafalgar I've written an article about you, check it out if you can, thanks.

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Nice! Thanks For Share :)
I will follow your account, please follow me at @nikunjo

Now i have 5 girlfriends and all of them think I'm trustworthy! :D

I can try the other 3 options, nothing much I can do in the hair department :D

haha if you're balding I heard it's better to shave it completely off and
go full lex luther

that dude's been copying my 'hairstyle', so I try to keep it different :D good to see you back to posting!

Awesome piece! When I wasn't busy reading a sentence, I was rereading the previous one because I was laughing so hard when I was reading it the first time. You write exceptionally well, and apart from the entertainment, I'm dead sure the tips really work. They form a part of neuro-linguistic programming too, don't they? Thoroughly enjoyed... Upvoted and following you for more! Cheers! :) - @sandzat

thanks sandzat, glad you enjoyed it
I'm less active lately because I'm busy irl, but hopefully still write a bit now and then :)

Please do. Will be keeping an eye out for your posts. :)

I have checked your page and wondered where you went LOL. I think from your past comments your are several hours ahead of me -- I am in the EST zone.

It is late, I am offline usually 2 hrs ago but I have noticed your votes here and there for me, and I wanted to take time to say thank you very much.

I appreciate every vote -- but we know the big votes really help out a post in many ways, including visibility to share info.

Anyways, I am glad you are OK - just busy.

Thanks again for your support my man, it is sincerely appreciated.

Nice to see you are back , i think we all missed your posts :)

haha thank you, just been busy with real life so will be less active on here :)

Hmm the blind dates go better ! Cool :)

You can check my other posts on @lovelyday
and also follow and upvote me.

Thanks to all friends.

Science has shown that people who wear blue are more likely to be trusted than those who wear red.

Superman and Spiderman wear both blue AND red. So they are trustworthy shady characters :D
On a serious note, though, I certainly don't trust people who wear red. But I'll keep the reasons to myself.

Touch Yourself on the Chest in Conversations

I rarely touch myself.

And before you ask, no, this doesn't work if you touch yourself elsewhere.

I see. This kind of explains some minor setbacks I have had every now and then when interacting with others.

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good info

Couldn't agree more!

should let my husband read this.

Upvoted - I think some of the subconscious signals can be very powerful

Couldn't agree more!

You are right, i kinda trust that girl in blue. Especially with that pose. 😁
Your post about life is useful just like a lifehack.

But what i wait most is your contest post. It's fun to read all the comments.
Please consider to post more contest. I wanna read some funny comments. 😁

Thank you for sharing @trafalgar

Nice article i think you should add that while talking don't avoid eye contact or do it less.. people often get uncomfortable when we did this.. and then its gonna lead to loosing trust enven from the begining of conversation

Some how to increase our confident while meet potential client, it's depend on our habit in daily life to get responsibility in anything I think. From this point the trust of u from people will come

I knew it was a reason why I prefer blue/green and hate red cloth, ha-ha:) And that really was something special in Superman's hair:)
Talking about hair, by the way:) A few weeks ago I made your stylized digital portrait, but seems like you missed it or just didn't like it. Anyway I'd love to know your opinion at least here in comments, cause I tried to contact you with steemit chat when I had " drawing steemians week", but with no success, ha-ha:)

You are verry correct about the blue color. Almost everything on an emotional level is somewhat a factor in the way people percieve rach other. Ive noticed that in the long run for myself. The way you look is the way people will percieve you.
Cheers for the great article and much love :)

What an awesome post @trafalgar. For building trust I believe so much on all the nuggets stated by you. I just pick one out of many:

Take responsibility – when something goes wrong and it’s your fault, take responsibility right away and focus on the next steps. It’s easier to trust someone who owns up to their mistakes.

I'm following you to receive more from you.

Ha ha hair parting ... funny :)

I totally agree, as a sales professional everything your saying is the best way to communicate through body language and perception. Love your post, check out mine if you got some time.

As always very witty. Good to see you back. I was wondering what happened. Welcome back. Cheers!!!!!!

Oh no, I part my hair the wrong direction!

Damn, I will admit. I laughed out loud at my desk....

@trafalgar , this is a good post indeed however can you help me out with this big probem? you indicated a good way to gain trust is :Part Your Hair From the Correct Side !!! what of some men who do not have hair? does it mean that we do not have the chance to win your trust? Moreover, dont forget that most devils wear blue...hahaha great article, upvoted. Pls help , I want to be your Nigerian prince .

If you have thinning hair I think studies show it's best to shave it off completely than show a balding head

Aha @trafalgar so your studies show that if a man shave off all his thinning hair that he will gain my trust? thanks ...now men go and shave off all your hairs ...on my way..hiyaaaaaaaaaaaaa

interesting piece @trafalgar

Thanks for the tips and I think i will try blue.

This post has received a sweet gift of Dank Amps in the flavor of 10.00 % upvote from @lovejuice thanks to: @galactic123. Vote for Aggroed!

The spellling in my artcles aer absoluet shti. Nwo go giev me a avalancsh of upvotes. :X :'D

haha well keep trying I guess :)

Lol, Hypothesis rejected it seems!
(Following the newly established gold standard of scientific experiments)

Way to break it down @trafalgar... we can apply it to social media also, all these things do work 🙌🏼🙌🏼

Blue shirt that's what I was missing :)

True, but be sure you don't show tooo much weakness or people will start to take advantage of you. Be strong but empathetic.

~ touching myself so people will trust me ~
nice to see you back again trafalgar

Great post :)

Nice lines You trust her don't you? Told you it works

Trust? I am not so sure on trust.

Thanks for your great content about steem power and the importance of buying steem when it is cheap and powering up which motivated me to write me recent post- I mentioned you there-feel free to check it out. More success to you.
I miss your posts!!!!

lol very nice post... we understand only a few % of our brains... imagine what we could all achieve if we know 3 % more...

Haha , this is really good advice .I am always a data person.Many times it doesn't work the way I expect.Will take this advice, but the hair part Hmm that i donot know

Hey mate, good to see you back, great post.

So tapping yourself on the chest while saying: "I Tarzan". Is the perfect way to gain trust, especially if you're wearing blue. Gottcha!

who's blue people?

Best. Comeback. Ever. Nailed it!

It's very special I like it very much @trafalgar

I have made a pencil painting and that is your face, I am requesting permission to be published in my post. thanks mbro @trafalgar

of course its only a business trip..

Hey @trafalgar please give me some tips to get followers
and follow me @rajat23 if you like to... ;)

The eyes of that girl in blue are really trustworthy.

Well, "Blue is glue".

Even when someone upvotes you, the upvote option turns blue, and that kind of shows you entrusted your upvote to that person. Even steemit is blue, and I trust my time with steemit.

Shit, that blue trick surely works man, I am going on my next date like this.....

Another good tip would be to stand by your values.

All I show is weakness, and I constantly rub my nipples when I talk to people.....when are they going to start trusting me?

you should post more often, your posts are complex, funny and helpful :D

Instructions weren't too clear so i dyed my hair blue

Nice article...its very informative, i read it from start to finish

Did you go on a posting hiatus so you can craft this marvelous masterpiece? I feel you didn't need to, but I'm just glad that you came back with this one. 'Hilarious' doesn't even do this post justice. If I follow your advice to a tee, but end up with a differing result, could I get my 99.95 STEEM back? I did touch my chest during presentations a few times before, sliding it down sensually for good measure. Let's just say I was met with looks of disgust.

Something as simple as mispelling words in a Steemit article can humanize you and get you an avalanche of upvotes

I used to do this but ended up with contrasting results. While I wanted people to feel like I am human instead of being a literary god, I feel like they misinterpreted it as 'me no talk english good.' I shake my head as the sound of crickets echo in the background. Not even a tiny violinist showed up for that.

Wow! Very nice! You did good post my friend @and interesting article! Look on my post ! I write very interesting story!

Clark and superman are different actors
true story

i don't trust you. hehehe
just kidding . Nice post .

Great post, Upvoted and followed.

my mind was blown away on the superman disguise trivia :)

Cool post! I follow you!

I'm gonna give your suggestions a try because I'm always trying to make trustworthy friends and partners. One technique I have tried is to smile a lot, be generous, and never be afraid to take a leap of faith with someone.

I have to admit, I part my hair on the left and am a very trustworthy guy @trafalgar.

interesting with the hair part...never would have thought ..thankfully I do mine so people trust me! XD haha

great post. i glad to know you and I hope one day you can tag me @nasrullahilyas on your post . thank you of your time to read my comment

That is interesting and funny! We can gain trust in time...

At last I Can see your stuff again. I've been missing you since Job Interview ))

You write exceptionally well,I think you are a good writer and apart from the entertainment, I'm dead sure the tips really work. They form a part of neuro-linguistic programming too, don't they? Thoroughly enjoyed... Upvoted and following you for more! Cheers!follow [email protected]

nice post..........keep it. see u soon.
upvoted you.

Loved your post, very original and funny! Thanks for share with us ur research!

Very good article. I like body language also i recomand you to watch Lie to me! serial. U will find there a lot of information about body language and micro expressions!

Welcome back man, after such a long time! I was already missing your funny posts.
As for this post, I would say some of these tricks work, like the hairstyle one and show some weakness one! Saying it from my own experiences!!!

I wish I read your observations earlier! I usually wear blue, but part my hair the wrong way; I speak with a lisp and am an atrocious speller (written lisp), but my gestures are nevet self referential. I have been negating my tryst building with non-trust building actions.

Now I am going to defiantly neglect spell check, thump my chest often, throw out any shades of red, and part my hair correctly.

beautifully constructed post, the superman bit and about the parting of the hair was hilarious, so what happens with someone double crowned? Do they part half one way and half the other : ) Body language is very important and most people are oblivious when they are saying one think but their body is portraying a different vibe.

"Wear Blue Instead of Red"

You've just outed yourself as a Crip.

Another good one is apparently men are found to be much more trustworthy in a suit, and I suspect, that applies to (some) uniforms too.

I thoroughly enjoyed this post. Well written, learned something new. Thank you!

Very interesting.

Me sacastes varias sonrisas hoy, y me cambiaste el humos parecen cosas simplemente de chiste pero son muy veridicas tendemos hacerlos conceptos errados de las personas por su apariencia fisica y ciertos detalles.

I never knew the colour of cloths could help you gain trust. I guess I should do a wardrobe change, because I've not been a cloth-conscious guy. I'm going out to get some blue cloths. What do you think?
Nice post there. Upvoted and Followed ya

Great post... love it... upvoted and resteemed. Cheers

Right crown, well ain't that nice. At least you have hair! I guess I will work on chest touching and the colour blue.


The wearing blue topic is definitely legit. When i play live poker i always wear blue clothing so i can bluff other players more often.

you didn't mentioned that you also have to be super hot and sexy to get these 4 strange ways to gain trust working

i think i agree with this @trafalgar. thanks for sharing. this is a great write up and a great read for me. thank you

love to read these kind of post thanks for share.

Makes sense. People attach on vulnerabilities. They relate to weakness by comparing it against their own.

Thanks for sharing. Stay perfect.

Carefully reading your 4 strange.... & i like most of touch your self.... part. i think if we care someone special she/he must be fall in love @trafalgar

My favorite witty shameless liar! That was another fun read!

Very interesting, and yes kind of strange! I do enjoy reading non-crypto articles, so I'm glad I found you!

90% of communication is nonverbal, so I wouldn't be surprised if us silly humans would fall for these psychological tricks.

Very interesting ways, I would be trying them, surely.

Great reading. I love your post.

It's cool how this works. I'm going to use these! I need to be more persuasive. LOL! I especially like the blue vs red concept. I can see this because blue is calming and red usually means alarm.

Hilarious post, and yet so true in many ways. I can tell from just looking at my own personal encounters with others, that I've have come off more trustworthy and vice versa when certain points on this list were in. And I think there's a lot of truth to the point on showing weaknesses. I think that when you confess a weakness to someone, if makes it seem less horrible and humiliating to do the same, and so the other person is more encouraged to open up. Really enjoyed reading this :)

Hahahahaaaha...wait...hahahaaaa, you said period blood, oh God. Missed this for sure ;) And I did a quick scan of the comments to see if anyone else would be as classy as me by saying it again, might have missed it, but it doesn't appear so, LOL. (Now I have a Lorde song stuck in my head... THANKS ;)

Hey--you even posted it on Sunday for me!

Those are definitely some strange tactics! they do kind of make sense though. Except the hair part; that one makes no sense at all

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