A Cheap Travel Guide - Save Your Bitcoins!

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Traveling is so much fun but the worst part is parting with those precious Bitcoins. Looking back on the cost of a trip in bitcoins and the figuring out how much they are currently worth vexes the mind. So, I put together this little guide to help with keeping travel costs as low as possible so you can save as many bitcoins as you want!

Are you one of those who think that only the rich can travel and take exotic vacations? Well, you're quite wrong. It's very much possible to travel without breaking the bank. There are actually many online guides that teach you how you can travel on a reasonable budget.

Unfortunately, not many of them cover all the major aspects of affordable travel. To fill this gap, we've created a quick guide that encompasses all the important facets of traveling cheap.

Check out this guide before you plan your next vacation and save money for even more vacations to come.

Some regular tips

There are, of course, some regular ways of traveling cheap, such as finding good travel agents or airlines and hotel deals. Such deals enable you to cut down your travel budget significantly, especially if you decide to travel in groups.

Travel agencies are usually able to give a more affordable deal for group and package travel since they get discounted tickets and accommodation for bulk bookings. So that remains your easiest option for affordable travel, along with planning your travel well in advance and avoiding the peak season.

Finding free flights through loyalty programs is also a good option. Staying with locals is another way of cutting down on your travel expenses.

If you're looking for a good online resource for finding cheap travel options.

Or you can stay in a hostel dorm with other people, especially if you're traveling alone. Just make sure that you're traveling light, with possibly just a backpack which you can easily put under your bed.

Working overseas

Some places require work permits before they allow you to work there but if that's not a problem then this is really an excellent way to travel the world. You can travel virtually free of cost and in fact even earn money.

From bartender to waiter to tour guide, swimming instructor, au pair, ski trainer etc, there are a host of work opportunities you can avail of to travel on a budget and have a good time too.

Some of these jobs actually provide accommodation and food, so you needn't spend a penny on these necessities and utilize all your earnings on having a rewarding experience.

Teaching English

Teaching English is a popular option in many non-English speaking countries, in case you're keen to visit.

Many South-East Asian, African and Far Eastern countries offer the opportunity for short-term English teaching, thus providing a resource for making some quick cash as you travel around.

Some countries even pay for your flight if they allow you to teach there. So pack your bags if you think your English is good and you can teach.


This is an easy option and a little different from home exchange. In the latter, you exchange your house with another person for a mutual vacation.

But in house-sitting you offer to take care of someone's house in their absence. So while they're enjoying their travel time you can enjoy yours in their house in a different city or country.

You can easily find such a place through online search of the area you're interested in spending time in. Once you've honed in on your choice, call up the homeowners and offer your services, backing it up with your credentials and references to make them feel secure about letting you into their home.

Hitchhiking and free walking tours

Hitchhiking is another cheap travel method, especially for those who're young enough and prepared to rough it up a little.

There are several safe destinations, including in Europe, Central America, Australia and New Zealand, where you can simply hitchhike your way through a holiday.

Once in a city, choose the free walking tour option which many of them offer and travel the place without spending an extra cent. You can easily Google search for such tours in the city you want to visit.

Buy train passes

An easy and affordable way to travel cheap is to travel extensively using local trains and getting train passes. Train passes are usually valid for a defined period, allowing you to cover many places in that time-frame. And they're quite reasonably priced too, unlike air travel.

Most cities across America and Europe offer such passes, which tourists can easily use to their advantage. And with a smartphone to guide you, you needn't worry about which direction you need to take the train in. It's as easy as following a compass.

Don't eat out

Now that's kind of obvious; eating out can really eat into your budget. Cook your own meals as often as possible - this should be easy if you're not staying in a hotel or other regular accommodation and are carrying a small stove.

You can also eat out of cans and tins if you're really keen to keep expenses down. Just go to the grocery store and pick up what you feel is not too heavy either on your shoulder or your pocket.

Search online for a store close to where you're staying and head straight for that. You're sure to find something to suit your taste buds.


This is a concise guide which, if followed properly, will help you travel quite affordably, year after year.

With these tips to guide you, you can travel to whichever part of the world you want to see even if you don't have much savings for going off on a vacation.

It's all about finding simple ways of doing things and letting go of some of the comforts you're used to.

Rest assured, you'll find these small sacrifices worth every bit the few cents you're likely to spend traveling the world.


This is a great guide, concise is right, you nailed it.

If someone even worked off the bolded headlines you have, it would help someone newer to these ideas a whole lot.

Great article Trace! Thanks for putting it up!

Good post @tracemayer. I now look how I spent btc to buy smartphone, shopping and dining and say that was expensive. At the time I was thinking I was taking some gains. Uhhh #bitcoin never stops to amaze. I am part of #guld. Been listening to your cast for a while and now following on steemit. Follow back. Cheers

Great article! Thanks for sharing :)

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