How to strengthen your personality

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How to strengthen your personality

Good dealing with others

To deal with others has a great impact on personality, and the basics of dealing: [1]

  • Good listening: Good listening can learn a great deal from the ocean, and it gives importance to the surrounding people , which makes them respond with interest, become more open, and share a lot of information with ease.

  • Interviewing new people: You must make an effort to meet new people. Communication with others provides experience, learning from them, learning new cultures and ideas, allowing for broadening of the mind, and increasing tolerance.

  • Respect: One of the essential qualities of an effective and good personality is honesty, and the fulfillment of promises and covenants when cut, and these qualities can earn respect and admiration of others.

Identify strengths

Identify strengths by: [2]

  • Five strengths: You can think deeply about finding strengths, or using a site that offers free surveys and then apply them to life.

  • Enthusiasm: When enthusiasm and commitment to personal strengths can do great things.

Strengthen self-confidence

You have to develop a peace of mind approach, and self-confidence . There are many people who will talk bad and negative, feel jealous, and do not want others to be centers of gravity, and to achieve confidence you can start a discussion with friends, or engage in conversation with relevant interventions. Gain the trust of others. [3]

Work on inner beauty

Everyone is interested in the external appearance , but when talking reflected the internal human reservoir, as shown by the behaviors, actions, and therefore must be sure to work on the development of internal beauty in the soul, knowing that this may take many months, but the real development, Trust needs years. [3]

Develop leadership skills

The words leaders are born are not entirely accurate. Those who want to succeed in their careers should seek to develop and improve their leadership skills. [1]


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By Alae Ahmed


Thank you for such usefull post, @tosuccess! it definitely deserves my vote!

Also one should analyze before sleeping what wrong and right deeds one did whole the day, this will improve personality

Nice tips, will try to follow them

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Glad to hear this things being shared on steemit .
You have a very interesting way of presenting things , it makes me understand the entire story . Your taughts that are presented are so connected one to each other , it makes me understand the context and points . I appreciate for how fluent you are and the passion to share with the community .

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