How comes the livelihood

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How comes the livelihood

The livelihood can be defined as anything that Allaah drives to His creatures, including man, to feed them and water them and thus continue in their lives. In order for a person to take his livelihood, he must first rely on God as he must strive for it. Without seeking and seeking the true one, man will not be able to benefit from God - the pursuit of sustenance is the way to earn a great living after trusting God, of course.

In our Islamic societies there are misconceptions, especially in the Arab environment, and these concepts have been contributed in one way or another by the religious scholars. They have the responsibility, first and foremost, as a result of the vulgarity of the religious texts. He and his family imagine that God will take him in his house and rely on his erroneous understanding of the texts or perhaps on the interpretation of some of these texts, and this is very dangerous, God Almighty will not live man unless he sought this must be a serious pursuit, Shackling or being raised The beams and self-blame for it must be a serious effort in several directions at once, even man alive.

One of the reasons why a person earns his living is that a person learns how to earn a living. Learning how to earn a living is a very important thing to earn a living. The constant search for sustenance is one of the ways to survive and to earn the living that is written for man. Hence, every person must do all he can to strive for land and earn a living.

The work of man in itself is one of the ways to develop life on the surface of the earth, as the work provides goods for all people in the process of integration among all individuals work is the way people to meet their needs, what is taken from here may spend on someone else on the other, People on earth do not descend upon them with the rain, so every individual must search for his living with the rest of the individuals with his absolute belief that he will not find the person who has put God's livelihood only with God - the Almighty -. Sit, sleep, rest and beer are ways of poverty and loss of livelihood.

By Mohamed Marwan


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