How can I be a diplomat?

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How can I be a diplomat?

Diplomatic personality

Being a diplomat may mean that you have to keep some of his opinions to himself, but that does not necessarily mean not expressing opinions, making the sound unheard, but assessing the situation before talking or acting, taking the best course of action without resorting to boldness, He must have the ability to interpret things, little precision, know how and what he says to be diplomatically.

Diplomacy can be difficult in some cases, especially in those that affect the person personally, or involve something around him, and by following some basic tips, the reminder can become a diplomat, easily in everyday situations.

How to acquire it

  • Thinking before acting: Even if the person is angry and insulted, he or she must take a breath and think again before doing or saying anything. It may seem difficult at first, but it will protect the person from falling into trouble or acting rashly. It is important to be careful, With a rude and tongue-tied employee.

  • Focus on the facts of the situation: stop for a moment and take a step back, evaluate the situation objectively and evaluate factual information including emotions.

  • Use a critical language: speak clearly and a very simple language, that will help the person to talk to the people around him openly and clearly, so that he does not understand the wrong way.

  • Non-confrontational: It is OK to be firm in his words, assertiveness sometimes helps to communicate ideas and make them heard, but must avoid speaking in an aggressive or offensive.

  • Avoid emotional attitudes: If a person enters an emotional and emotional debate, he will not find a good diplomacy. He will not hear what he has to say, so try again later. To do this, tell other people to take a break and return to the discussion later.

  • Rejection of any province to speak: by asking the person not to interrupt him politely, and then continue to speak from where he stopped.

  • The use of body language to communicate information such as looking at others while speaking, using a quiet tone of voice, relaxing any body member, especially hands and shoulders, and avoiding moving your hands during speech may make a person look cocky or hostile to others, In addition, doing so may feel distracted and distracted.

  • Defending oneself and its principles: Diplomacy means that a person must express his opinion in time of need and defend it in front of all.

By: Areej al-Checheni


This is Informative! I appreciate it

This is Informative. I appreciate it

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