Facts about dreams

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Facts about dreams


Dreams are strange phenomena that occur to humans, and scientists are still trying to find a scientific explanation to be dreams and their relationship to the reality of the person himself and his daily life, linking them to some messages and metaphysical things sent to the person, may be angels or demons, As a discharge of the person's internal needs and desires.

Physiological physiologists analyzed dreams as a physiological response to body members influenced by external influences, and relied on their purely practical experiences, using instruments and observation devices, and what they observed in their visual abilities, but did not address aspects that they did not see with their eyes.

Facts about dreams

Today, science continues to discover daily new facts associated with dreams or arrive at new information that refutes the old facts that it was thought of.

  • People forget about 50% of the dream after the first five minutes of waking, and after another five minutes forget about 90% of the dream, so you may notice that we wake up first remember some parts of the dream and then forget what we remembered.

  • When a person dreams of his own faces and people he thinks he does not know, he actually actually saw them but he does not remember them. Dreams contain things that passed through the person at one stage.

  • Man can control his dreams, especially those suffering from nightmares dramatically, and this is done through the person's conversation before sleep that he has the ability to get rid of these dreams and thus convince the subconscious.

  • A person who dreams of a temporary paralysis of his body during the dream.

  • Dreams use symbols as symbols of things, so the dream may be vague or vague, because the images do not really indicate the content itself.

  • Some people (15%) dream of black and white, while others dream of color.

  • A person dreams during the night of many dreams, but remembers only the last dream of his dream.

  • The dream affects a person's condition when he wakes up. Often a person may dream of eating or drinking and when he wakes up he feels hungry.

  • Dreams may be a desire for the physiological needs required by the body, or as a result of alerting the brain cells, and the body considers it the way to vent the desire for forbidden things. For example, one who is forbidden to eat meat, he dreams repeatedly that he is eating meat in large quantities, Memories stored in the main memory.

  • The visually impaired also suffer from dreams as do the enlightened ones.

  • Some dreams may refer to ideas and creations that a person uses to invent and invent things like Graham, who has some inspiration in his inventions. He quickly records what he remembers from his dreams as soon as he wakes up.

By Sanae Dwikat


You're all about dreams lately. : )

Some people (15%) dream of black and white, while others dream of color.

That's an interesting fact!

I've managed to control some of my dreams (nightmares) by telling myself during the dream: "hey, you're dreaming, just stop running away from the werewolf/witch and fight back - whether you win of lose, you will wake up!"


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