The Number One Religion In The World- Money.

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Here I talk about how pieces of paper that exist nowhere in Nature have us wrapped up and running in circles all our human lives. We will con, cheat, murder, or even start entire wars based on getting more pieces of paper.

Tony Sayers

Love, care, courage.

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I agree! Paper chasing is idolatry.

Not to mention a piece of paper whose value has eroded to next to nothing. Great post, thanks!

The intrinsic value of any currency (including gold and silver) always has, and always will be nothing.
Ask this about any currency;

  • Can I eat it?
  • Cloth myself with it?
  • Shelter myself with it?
  • Travel with it?

There is no currency that holds intrinsic value. Currencies are traded for thing of intrinsic value - but only in situations where both parties participating in the exchange believe that the currency has value to begin with.

Boitcoin is a great example. It's worth thousands of dollars per coin, yet you can not purchase most things with them. Gold is valued by so many people... name one place you can purchase goods with gold. Unless you're manufacturing computer parts or other electronics, gold and silver have little intrinsic value aside from being aesthetically appealing. I guess you could make some cutlery out of gold or silver...