Stealing from the homeless - the "right" of municipal corporations everywhere...

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If you see homeless people steal their shelter, their blankets, their property and then arrest anyone that tries to help them by giving them food, money, or anything else.

This is becoming "public policy" all around the country as cities (municipal corporations) enact ordinances (bylaws) in order to keep most people from seeing how bad things are getting.

Urban Camping means "Steal Their Tents"

Destroying the shelter of the homeless is becoming public policy.

These people make up all kinds of lies to tell the public ranging from "It's city property" (um, public property?) to "they might be using drugs".

Do a quick search on youtube for destroying tent cities and you will find video after video of city workers and police destroying and stealing the property of those that have almost nothing.

Go to a shelter - Government criminals say this a lot.

In many cases the shelters are more than full and people simply cannot do this.

In others, the shelters will not allow you to bring any belongings with you... effectively taking the last of what little you have.

Why do I call them government criminals?

  • They are stealing peoples shelters
  • They are stealing peoples blankets
  • They are stealing peoples belongings

Theft is a crime.

No sleeping in public while covered means "Steal Their Blankets"

It's bad enough to take shelters from the homeless.

Now they are stealing blankets and any other type of cover from them?

Public Food Safety means "Thou shalt not feed the homeless"

By requiring a permit to feed people and requiring insane insurance to get such permits groups of privileged men and women around the country are attempting to starve the homeless by making the act of feeding those in need "an infraction" punishable by fines and jail time.

City ordinances are private law

City ordinances are NOT public law. They are bylaws of municipal corporations and are only applicable to municipal employees.

They are, however, enforced upon the public as most people don't know anything at all about the law, how it works, or even that there are different types of law.

Think about it...

All people have equal innate inalienable rights.

No one has the right to steal from other people. That's right, not even a group of people calling themselves a legislature or city hall.

Corporations can pass by laws that apply to their employees.

Microsoft is a corporation... and can create rules for employees. Employees can either obey the rules or quit.

The City of X is also a corporation (technically a municipal corporation). The bylaws of a city are called ordinances (a not so subtle method of letting people know these bylaws are to be used as weapons against them). They can only rightly apply to city employees.

For it to be otherwise would mean that all people are slaves/servants of these municipal corporations.

City and State property = Public property

All claimed "city" and "state" property is in fact public property, held in trust for the people.

You could be homeless next

If, like most people, you live paycheck to paycheck and don't have months (much less years) worth of savings you could very quickly become homeless due to losing your job, getting injured, becoming sick, or various other reasons.

Worst offenders against the homeless

The Meanest Cities in the USA goes into good deal on what is being done to the most down trodden among us.

For those interested there is a lot of good information on the Get Involved page on the web site.

Stop being hood winked into believing that ordinances against homelessness are just or right. No matter how well dressed or nice looking the people implementing them are, these people are NOT trying to help the homeless.

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